One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


79. What The Fans Think About You

Harry: None of the fans were crazy about you at first. You were Harry’s girlfriend and that was pretty hard for everyone to accept. Eventually the fans realized that you were a very sweet person and you didn’t deserve any of the crap you were getting. So it took some time, but they eventually liked you.

Liam: No one was a big fan of yours because of Danielle. They never thought that anyone could replace her. You received a lot of crap from everyone over Danielle, but eventually Liam had to tell them off. Soon enough everyone was pretty nice to you and accepted that you were there to stay.

Zayn: The fans were surprisingly very supportive of you. They knew that you were very special to Zayn and they didn’t want you to deal with any hate or anything. Overall, everyone was very sweet and it was nice to be appreciated.

Louis: The fans adored you. They thought you were absolutely perfect for Louis. You had a great sense of humor on twitter as well, which only made them love you more.

Niall: Everyone had kind of been waiting for the day that Niall got a girlfriend and you were finally it. It was nice to see Niall happy. And that was all they were there for. You interacted with them just as much as Niall did and that’s what they loved the most.

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