One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


66. The Wrong Words Come Out (Zayn & Louis Only)

Louis: You and Louis were walking through the park when all of a sudden a large crow swooped down and decided to land right in front of you. “Ahhh!” you screamed flailing your arms and going into spaz attack mode running behind the nearest tree for protect. Your sudden outburst caused Louis to laugh until his sides ached. “Why do you hate birds so much (y/n)?” Calming yourself down you joined him as if nothing had happened. “Because when I was younger a bird was trapped inside my bedroom and it was all fapping everywhere and making noise and…” You trailed off before turning to Louis and seeing his face red trying to stifle a laugh. “What so funny?” It took to a moment to realize what you had said. Looking down and covering your face with one hand you sighed. “Oh my gosh I went flapping not that.” “I know babe, but it was pretty hilarious,” Louis giggled giving you a peck on the cheek.

Zayn: You had recently come back from a trip to Tanzania (for Uni) and was all excited to tell Zayn about all the new things you experienced. “So did you see any animals?” Zayn asked eagerly. you nodded with excitement. “Yup! We went to this gay park and it was huge! There were so many animals. We saw elephants and monkeys and antelope and….” “Don’t you mean game park?” Zayn interrupted, putting emphasis on the word ‘game.’ “Yeah…what did I say?” “You said a gay park.” Instantly your face fell down and you covered your face. Groaning, “No, that’s not what I meant. Why does this always happen to me?” Zayn just laughed it off. “That’s ok. We all make mistakes, babe,” he said while rubbing your back soothingly.

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