One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


45. Teasing

Forget it. He'll leave things on high up shelves so you have no choice but to ask for help. He loves to pick on you and call you names like 'shortie' and 'small fry'.
Niall: Sometimes Niall's accent can be real hard to understand. Like whenever he's mumbling or getting really excited and talking super fast. Whenever this tends to happen you mock him, mimicking his accent; or more like making it into jibberish.
Zayn: He's a teaser alright. He loves to get you all riled up, leaving you hot and in need for more. He whispers dirty nothings in your ear when out for dinner, or even start putting his hands all over you when he knows you're defenseless. Leaving you hot and bothered is his favorite thing to do.
Louis: You and Louis go back and forth with the teasing. It's practically what makes your relationship. You're always laughing and bringing up the whole carrot thing which, to be honest, was the worst thing Louis could have ever said. While he'll come back with something from your past; perhaps even embarassing photos
Liam: He absolutely loves teasing you whenever you're upset. It sounds quite harsh I know, but it always gets you laughing. When you're upset about something, Liam will just go on talking in his best impression of you, even walking and laughing like you!

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