One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


34. Smoking Weed

Louis: You and your boyfriend were hanging out in his backyard, making out and such. It was a beautiful evening that Lou had off, and you two planned on spending all night together. What you didn’t plan is getting high that night. Yes, the other boys came over at around 11, Niall carrying a plastic baggy that you were curious about. Harry told you it was weed, and you got nervous. You’ve never tried it, but most of your friends have. The look on your face gave you away, as your boyfriend wrapped his arm around your waist and offered you his joint. “Try it,” he told you.

You couldn’t say no and look like a wimp, so you took the joint and held it in your hand. What the hell did you do with this thing? You looked over at Niall, watching him light it up and smoke it. You followed his lead, letting yourself step out of your comfort zone.

You ended up high as fuck, this being your first time. The boys had a fun time watching you make a fool of yourself and listen to you say the most random shit. They will definitely be trying to get you to smoke again.

Liam: The boys had just won another award, and a huge one at that, so they all decided to attend the after party. You were uncomfortable, but Liam assured you it’d be alright. So you went, along with the rest of the boys.

A good bit into the party, you had to go to the bathroom. After a long ass line, and constant knocking on the door as you tried to pee, you finally had enough of these people. You got out and looked around for your boyfriend, desperately wanting to go home and go to sleep. You asked a guy he had been talking to earlier if he’s seen him, and he pointed outside. You spotted the blonde and approached him. “Baby, can we go home?” you pleaded, earning a groan from him. He was high; you’ve been around enough people like that to know, even if you’ve never experienced it yourself.

“Just try this first,” he said, giggling as he handed you his joint. You realized he wouldn’t leave until you did so, so you took it and he showed you how to smoke it. You hated it, but looked like you were enjoying yourself for your boyfriend’s sake.

Harry: Harry wasn’t big on smoking, so when he came home with a bag of weed one night, you were completely surprised. He said he needed to let loose, and wanted you to do it with him. You figured why not. You’d rather him do here, in the comfort of the house you shared, than with some skanky girls at a party. He rolled two joints, one for you and one for him.

“Ready?” he asked with a grin on his beautiful face. You nodded and he lit yours, letting you take the first hit while his joint lit up. A few hits later, you and Harry were on the floor, dying laughing of something hysterical. You two went through a whole bunch of crazy emotions; happy, sad, angry, horny. You name it.

You woke up the next morning in the nude, in Harry’s arms on the living room floor. “What the hell went on last night?” you asked, rubbing your temples as you looked at your trashed TV room and the kitchen. The curly haired male woke up and looked around, laughing.

“Obviously a good night.”

Niall: Being your anniversary, Niall decided to take you out on a boat ride. It was a beautiful night, and the date was perfect. The chicken was delicious, the wine tasting just right and the weed a perfect way to end the night. Yes, your Irish boyfriend found a bag of weed under one of the seats and you two decided to roll up some joints. Neither of you had done this before, so you didn’t really know what to do yet it ended up working. You ended up stripping, and running around the boat chasing each other.

By the end of the night, you two were exhausted and just watching the stars. You were still naked, although neither of you really cared. It was a perfect two year anniversary, and you hoped the future ones would be just as flawless.

Zayn: It was normal for your boyfriend, Zayn, to stand on the balcony and smoke a cigarette after you two have sex. Usually, you’d stand outside with him and watch the sky fill up with stars. But tonight was different: he wasn’t smoking a cigarette. It was something larger and weird looking. “It’s a blunt, babe,” he said after noticing your confused face. “Wanna try it?” he questioned, holding it out for you. You’ve smoked a cigarette before, although you weren’t a big fan, so why not? Maybe you’ll like it.

Taking the blunt in your hand, you smoked it like you’ve seen your friends do before. After taking a few hits, the feeling you were getting was great.

You don’t remember much after that moment, but when you woke up the next morning you were safe in bed, all tucked under the blankets. You smelled breakfast being made from the kitchen, and that made you smile. You truly had the best boyfriend.

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