One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


19. Quickie ; Car Sex With Liam c;

~Oh Liam You c;~

"Just a touch please?" Liam begged as he drove. We were going to my family’s home on the North side of the Country so he could meet them for the first time. However, Liam had a huge boner and expected me to give him road head.

"What can I do to convince you?" he pleaded and I huffed at his persistence. He knew that I was serious when it came to driving. Seat belts were a must and anything that could distract the driver was something I didn’t approve of.

"What if I make dinner every night this week? Or clean out your side of the closet? Or make you breakfast everyday?"

"Liam, no" I snapped as I looked over at him and I could see that the bulge in his pants was huge.

"Do you expect me to go see your mom and dad like this?" he asked and the thought flashed through my mind for a second. What if my sisters said something or my brother? The thought horrified me and I looked over at Liam before making a quick decision.

"Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel" I commanded as I unbuckled my seat belt and leaned my body over to his side. I could hear his breath quicken as I unbuckled his trousers.

"Hurry baby" he groaned and I smiled as I slipped his boxers down, freeing him. His cock was red with need and I smiled up at him before taking the head in my mouth.

"Shit," he muttered as I slowly slid my mouth down his length all the way to the base. I reached my hand up and fondled his balls and his hips bucked upward. I started to slowly suck as I made my way up his length and back to the tip. His fingers clamped against my head and I shot up quickly and gave him glare.

"I’m sorry, don’t stop baby" he whined and I lowered my head again and sucked harder. I could feel his length move in my mouth. He started to mutter profanities and shift around. I felt the car speed up and I could hear the grip of his hand against the leather wheel.

He came within seconds and I swallowed willingly. He was panting as I sat up and leaned back in my seat. Liam made a quick turn off in the dirt near the interstate and I glanced at him in confusion.

"Babe, you’ve got some stuff on your mouth" he chuckled and I licked my lips seductively and I could see him visibly shudder. “Come here" he whispered and I climbed onto him. His dick was erect again and I knew what he wanted.

"We gotta be quick, we’re due there in an hour" I scolded and he nodded as I lifted my skirt and pushed my panties aside. I sat on his length and we both cried out in unison. Despite the uncomfortable position, I was able to ride him and move quickly. I bounced and he grunted and groaned as his hands found my hips.

We both hit our climaxes at the same time and I slumped forward onto him. He kissed my head and we laid there for a few seconds before I climbed back over to my side. He fixed his pants and I fixed my skirt before we were back on the road.


"What took you guys so long?" My sister questioned as we stepped over the threshold into my parents house.

"Traffic" I said as Liam said “Car Trouble" at the same time. My sister looked at us suspiciously before shrugging and going to get my mom.

"Traffic?" he questioned and I shook my head.

"Car Trouble?" I giggled and he laughed too.

"Yep, we were in a car and I was having some trouble" he smiled.

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