One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


4. Preference #1: First Time You Meet

Harry; As you grabbed your caramel frappe from the Starbucks counter, you let out a small yawn, covering your mouth while doing so. You had a massive headache, so all you wanted to do was enjoy your favourite drink and relax in the quite cafe. That was going to happen as you turn around and collide into another person. Your arm struck out to defend yourself, but his hot drink spilled all over your bare arm. You hissed in pain. "Thanks..." You grumble, placing your drink on the counter and walking off to the bathroom. You sigh as you run the cool water on your arm from the tap, a small frown on your face. You grab some paper towel and dab your clothing and your arm, retreating out of the bathroom to grab your drink. As you walked over to where you left it, it wasn't there. Instead, it was in the hands of the guy who spilled his drink on you. "I'll take that, thank you." You say, snatching your frappe off him and walking off until the grabbed your wrist. "Wait! I'm sorry! Let me buy you another drink." You swivel around the face him, getting a better look at him. Oh no. He was cute. You blink, trying to transfer what he said into your mind, but you were distracted by his cuteness. "Hello?" He waves his hand which had his leftover drink in it. "I... uh... yeah. Thanks." You say, shaking your head slightly, knocking yourself out of your trance. "First off, I'm Harry." He grins, showing off his dimples. "Y/N" You grin back, giving him a warm handshake.

Zayn; You mindlessly bite your nails as you read your book, curled up on a comfy sofa in the silent library. You sniff, having a feeling you were coming up to the sad part that your friend warned you about. "Hi." You glance up quickly, giving your eyes a quick wipe. You see a handsome boy stand in front of you. "Mind if I seat next to you?" You look around, seeing heaps of free seats around. You give him a curious look, but shrug casually, giving in. "Sure." You say simply, going back to your book. You see him sit down by the corner of your eye, but you go back to concentrating on your book. "I'm Zayn, by the way." He says suddenly. "Y/N." You say back, trying to read your book. Zayn nods his head a little, starting to read his own. After a few minutes, you finally start reading the sad part of your story. 'Oh God no.' You thought, 'Not in front of him.' But you can't tear your eyes away from your book. A few minutes later, you set the book down on your lap, covering your eyes to stop on tears. You shudder slightly, trying to keep your cries in. Zayn immediately looks up, a worried look on his face. "Are you alright?" He whispers, placing a reassuring hand on your shoulder. You laugh lightly, wiping your eyes. "Heh, yeah." Your cheeks go red. Oh God how embarrassing. He gives you a small smile. "Wanna tissue? It's clean." He chuckles, giving you one from his pocket to dry your eyes with. "Thank you." You smile up at him. "No problem. Hey, next time you read a sad book and need reassuring or even a tissue, call me." You both laugh, grabbing his number off him.

Louis; Tapping your fingers against the wooden table, you check your watch for the fifth time, watching the time tick by. You were supposed to be meeting your so called 'date', but again, another one has bailed on you. But this time you've waited for a bloody two hours, thinking that this boy was the right one. Obviously not. You sigh heavily, thinking about how much gorgeous make-up you've wasted for the past few weeks. You grabbed your purse and was about to leave until you felt a shoulder under your presence. You glance up, getting ready to slap your date in the face and sassily leave but you saw a completely different person. "May i keep you company? You looked lonely." The boy asked, giving you a warm smile. You blink. "Why not." You say quietly, beckoning your head to the empty seat in front of you. He sits down, giving you another small smile. With a lot of effort, you giving him a smile back. You should have the effort since that nice boy had offered to keep you company, but you felt down in dumps. After a few awkward silent minutes, the waiter came and asked for your orders. You both gave them out and fell into the awkward silence again, until his voice perked up. "Can I ask why a pretty girl like you was so alone?" The boy asks, frowning slightly. You blush a little at his words, looking up at him. "Probably because I keep falling into a trap, thinking boys want to date me." You mutter truthfully, looking away from his eyes. "Oh." He says, but after a few minutes he says, "Well, how about I be your date for tonight then?" He grins hopefully. "But maybe tomorrow night, I can actually take you on a proper date." You give him an unsure look, thinking if you should trust another one. "I promise." He says, noticing your worried look. You grin. "That'll be lovely. Thank you..." You trail off, unsure of his name. "Louis. Louis Tomlinson." The next night, you went to the place where he was meeting you. And guess what. He certainly didn't bail on you.

Niall;  "I'm so hungry!" Your close friend moan dramatically, rolling her head back. You roll your eyes, playing around on your phone. "Geez, it's coming in a minute!" You laugh. "Meh whatever. The only reason I came here was because I heard some One Direction guy was going to be here." She says, wiggling her eyebrows. You snort. 'Where'd ya hear that from?" You ask. "Twitter of course." She states simply. "Don't believe that rubbish on Twitter. People always make that stuff on there." You smirk, knowing that your about to start a sassy argument with her. "Yeah right. They always tell the truth on that." Bullshit~" You sing, snickering silently. "Hey, shut up! Anyway, I'm going to the bathroom. Give a small yell when my food arrives, or give me a fangirl squeal of Harry Styles is here." You roll your eyes. "As if Harry's going to be here." You mutter, going back to your phone. But just after those few seconds, you hear a few screams from outside of the restaurant, and then hearing a door opening. You don't bother looking up. As if it would be 'Harry Styles' or whoever. A few moments later, you then hear someone sit down on your friends seat. "Well your food didn't come, nor 'Harry Styles' so that's why you didn't hear me holler." You say, not looking up from your phone. "Oh no, he'll be here in a moment." You frown, hearing an Irish accent instead of your friend's. A male Irish accent. You immediately jerk your head up, seeing a grinning boy sitting in front of you. "Well you're certainly not Y/F/N..." You say, your eyes widened. "Nor her food or Harry Styles." He laughs. Oh that beautiful laughter. "I am Niall Horan though." He grins proudly. You then hear the bathroom door smash open, a loud gasp following behind it. "Y/N! You said to give me a fangirl squeal!" You gasps again. "But you said only if it was Harry Styles, not Niall Horan." You and Niall say in unison.

Liam;  You smile to yourself as the three puppies basically drag you along the pathway of the park, their tongues sticking out. You grab the leads with both hands, holding it as tightly as you can. "Oh my gosh guys, calm down!" You laugh, shaking your head. You were a volunteer worker at the local animal shelter, and your job today was to walk these three little puppies. You certainly didn't mind though, you loved being around animals more than people basically. They finally calm down after a while, their pink tongues hanging out as they panted. But then they sprinted off again, which made you having to run along with them. A horrified look came on your face as you hand the puppies collided into someone, making you all topple over. "Shit..." You mumble, quickly grabbing the leads off the puppies that you had let go of, dragging them away from licking the man's face. You stand up, waiting for an angry man to go off at you, but you heard laughter. Your eyes widen in surprise, looking down at the boy you collided with. He finally stands up, brushing some dirt off his top. "Wow, those dogs yours?" He asks, giving you a bright grin. "No... they belong at the animal shelter." You answer, staring down at the puppies who were excited with the new stranger. "I'm just walking them." You add. "Like some help? Looks like you need it." He asks. You were hesitant to reply, but you nodded shyly. "Yes please. Their a bit to much for me to handle." You laugh. He takes two of the puppies off you, now standing next you. "Well I better introduce myself. Hi, I'm Liam." He chuckles. "Y/N" You chuckle back, staring into his gorgeous eyes as you start to walk the puppies.

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