One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


106. One Of You Gets Jealous

Harry: You never got jealous. Overall you tended to be laid back about a lot of things. You knew girls flirted with Harry the time. Of course they did he was Harry Styles of One Direction. So when girls would flirt with him you would just laugh to yourself. You knew no matter how many girls flirted with him he was coming home with you. But with Harry it was different he hated when guys flirted with you. He would wrap his arm around you pulling you close. He would show them that you were very much taken. Tonight it was no different. As you walked up to the bar to grab a drink. A very drunken man started hitting on you left and right. Coming up with the worst pick up lines in the book. You brushed it off ignoring his words. But as Harry watched on he got very jealous. Reaching for your drinks the bar tender sat on the counter. You felt a hand hit your bum causing you to jump. Turning you looked at the drunken man smirking wide. Before you could give him a piece of your mind Harry stepped in. "You touch my girl again...And you will be missing a hand mate." He hissed through his teeth pulling you close. Giving Harry a smile you two walked back to your table close. The rest of the night Harry never left your side. Louis: You two had went to party together. And both you both would tend to get overly jealous. It was just kept the relationship between you both with passion. You thought nothing of it as you stood talking to your mate from school. He was gay you two shared a few classes together. Louis had went off to talk to the boys. So when he walked up to you and started talking you quickly got into the conversation. As you two started laughing at joke he told. Louis walked up looking very jealous. A spark of anger in his eyes. You didn't even notice he was upset or anger. As you talked to your friend. When he finally walked up he slipped his arm around your waist. He pulled you closer to his body looking at your friend. "Louis this is my friend from school. Him and I have a few classes together." You said with a wide smile. You always loved when Louis got to meet people from your school. "Hello I'm Louis her boyfriend." He replied back dragging out the word boyfriend. After a few minutes your friend left. Louis soon turned to you looking at you. "I don't think he should hit on other people's girlfriends." Laughing loudly you shook your head. "He's gay Louis he wasn't hitting on me." Louis' mouth fell open causing you to laugh harder. Niall: You rarely got jealous it just wasn't who you were. But this time it was different. You could feel yourself getting jealous. Her hand ran up his arm causing you to glare. She knew you were his girlfriend but she went on flirting with him. Ten minutes she had been flirting with him. You only getting more and more pissed off with each passing second. After a few more hints she sent him you were over it. You soon excused yourself from the table marching over to them. Looking at the girl you shot her a glare. Kissing Niall's cheek you turned back to look at the girl. "You know there is more than enough guys here. I'm sure a few of them are single enough for you. Stop hitting on my boyfriend. He's happily taken and doesn't want you." You hissed through your teeth. Watching the girl turn around and leave you smiled. Taking her spot in front of Niall you giggled. "You didn't know she was hitting on you?" You questioned lightly raising your eyebrow at him. Watching his cheeks go red you knew he hadn't at all. Laughing you leaned over kissing him lightly. Pulling away you just smiled some. "No one hits on my boyfriend." You mumbled lightly. Zayn: You two had deiced to go out with all the boys. It was just something to do since you've all grown bored. As you sat talking to Niall you two laughing at something random. Zayn had gone off with Louis somewhere. You hadn't even noticed that they returned. Yourself and Niall just into the conversation you both were having. Zayn sat watching you two before finally getting jealous. He wasn't worried you would leave him for Niall. He was just jealous that Niall could make you laugh. He was also jealous you were paying so much attention to Niall and not him. Finally Zayn seemed to have enough of it. Sliding down next to you he pulled you close. Turning to look at him you looked confused for a moment. "Can we go?" He muttered lightly causing you to nod your head. Saying bye to Niall and the rest of the boys. You both climbed into the car heading back home. "Zayn love, what was that about you?" You questioned lightly now that you both were alone. "You were just spending so much time with him." He mutter lightly keeping his eyes on the road. Laughing you shook your head at him causing him to frown. "You were off having fun with Louis. Niall is just my mate. No need to be so jealous Zayn. You know I love you and only you." He smiled some then nodded his head. Liam: You watched all the time the many girls flirting with him. Most of the time you never cared. You knew they didn't have a chance with him. But today had been a horrible day. It seemed like one bad thing after another happened. And this girl stood here flirting with Liam hardcore. Touching his chest lightly giggling at his jokes. You stood there rolling eyes ever so lightly. It was really starting to get on your nerves that she was flirting so much. Pushing yourself off the chair you walked over to them both. You could look at Liam and see he wasn't interested in the girl. But it didn't matter because she was still flirting with him. Looking at her for a moment you cocked your head to the side. "Excuse me love, can you not flirt with my boyfriend. You touching his chest isn't cute. And you sure as hell don't have a chance wit him." You hissed slightly looking at her. Her eyes went wide before shuffling away. Smirking you turned around to look at Liam. "I don't like girls flirting with you." You mumbled wrapping your arms around him. Hearing him chuckle you just laughed lightly. "Don't worry I only love you." You nodded but smiled. "I know you only love me. But I still don't like people flirting with you."
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