One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


84. Marked Up

Niall: Your breath hitched in your throat as his tongue traced over the mark he’d just made into your inner thigh a few moments ago. You tangled your fingers in his hair as his lips moved further up your thigh and he hooked his fingers in your underwear to pull them down. “Niall…” You bit down on the corner of your lip as his fingers brushed over you while he sucked another mark into your skin. He looked up at you through his lashes as he shot his tongue out to circle the bruise slowly before he pulled away with a smirk, “Think I kept you waiting long enough?”

Harry: Harry bit back a smirk as he gaze trailed over the marks spread over your hips, matching where his fingers were pressing into your hips to keep you from lifting them off the bed. He leaned over and quickly pressed his lips to yours before slipping out of the bed and into the bathroom for a shower, but not before glancing in the mirror and spotting the line of love bites along his jaw. He let out a chuckle running his fingers through his matted hair, “Oh we’re definitely doing this again.” He mumbled, looking over his shoulder at your sleeping figure.

Liam: You ran the pads of your fingers over the bite mark you’d left on his neck, “Does it hurt?” You asked resting your chin on his shoulder. “Not really, I didn’t think you bit me that hard until I saw it this morning…nearly broke skin this time babe.” A small chuckle slipped past his lips as you pressed your lips to the mark. “Got a little carried away.” You muttered against his skin and he shrugged his shoulders a bit as he continued to sort through the dishes. “S’fine…I’ve left worse marks on you [Y/N] t be honest.”

Louis: He smoothed his thumbs over the bruises along your wrists with his lower lip between his teeth, “Told you to stop tugging on the restraints.” He looked up at you through his lashes, “You could have just asked and I would have untied you [Y/N].” He shrugged and you rolled your eyes with the corners of your lips turned up. “You never untied me before when I asked.” You ran your fingers through your hair after he’d let your wrists go, “Not even when I begged…and I thought you liked me begging Lou.”

Zayn: He mouthed at your neck his tongue darting out to trace small circles into your skin, “S’not that bad…your shirt will cover it.” He spoke into your skin with his arms encircled around you. “Of course you don’t think it’s that bad Z.” You rolled your eyes as you turned around in the embrace to frown up at him, “My entire neck is covered. Think you overdid it a bit this time. “ You grumbled with your eyes narrowed as he bit down on his lower lip to push back a chuckle. “It’s really not that bad babe. I got some too…see.” He let his arms fall from around you and he went to point at the spot on his neck. “One Zayn. You have one, now I’m going to class.”

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