One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


8. He's Your Teacher c;


"Ok class, take out your books, to page 32. (Y/N) could you please give me the answers to questions 1 to 5?"Mr.Malik asked. “Ughh, I didn’t do it…" You said shyly. A chorus os ohhs were sung. You immediately became hot and you knew your face was red. You looked at Mr.Malik and he had a disappointed look on his face. “Stay after class." He said. “Yes Mr.Malik." You whispered. “Ok, could someone give me the answers?" He said.   The rest of the class, you never made eye contact with anyone. You dreaded talking with Mr.Malik, you didn’t know how it was going to end and you couldn’t afford getting into more trouble again. The bell rang and everyone left, but you. “Now (Y/N), why didn’t you do your homework? “He asked."I don’t know…" You whispered. “Well (Y/N), your gonna need to get punished." He said. “Oh no,no,no! Don’t call my parents, please?" You said. “Oh no, i wont call your parents. I have other ways to punish you…" He said and kissed your lips forcefully.  


"Four laps around the gym!" Coach Payne said. Everyone sighed but you. You loved running and you were fast too. You began running, with everyone behind. You finished running and sat down on the bench, waiting for the others to finish. “You know your very good. You should try out for the track team." Coach Payne said. You smiled. “Thank you very much." You said. Once everyone was done running, you all played a game. "(Y/N), could i talk to you for a minute please?" Coach Payne asked. “Yepp!" You said. “Yeah?" You asked. “Uhgg, your a very good runner. I was wondering if you would like to go for jogs after school with me, if you’d like?" He said. " Like on a date?" You asked. “Yeah, like a date. If thats ok?" “Yeah i’d love to… Coach Payne?" “Call me Liam." “Ok. Thanks Liam." You said and went back to the game. You had a good feeling about this.


Mr.Styles had always been your favorite teacher. Every thing about him was amazing. You had always had trouble with math, you just never got the hang of it. And clearly Mr.Styles knew that. One day, he told you to come see him after class. Once everyone left, he called you to his desk. "(Y/N) what’s up? I know you’ve never been good at this subject, but your really failing." He said. You couldn’t find the words to say. You knew exactly why you were failing, Mr.Styles. " Are you destracted by something?" You shook your head. “Ok, well come see me after school tomorrow and i’ll help you." He said. "…Ok…" You grabbed your books and went to your next class. This is going to be interesting, you thought.


"Ok class, these next couple of weeks we will be working on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. You will be presenting the balcony scene. You will be partnered up in groups of 2." Mr.Tomlinson, your drama teacher said. Drama was your favorite class. As Mr.Tomlinson called out the groups, you realized you were not mentioned. “Ok. Those are the groups, now you can read over your lines together." He said and sat down at his desk. “Mr.Tomlinson? I think you forgot me. I don’t have a partner." You said. “I didn’t pair you with anyone because (Y/N), there arn’t enough students. So, i’ll be your partner." He said. You tried to keep a calm face, but inside you were jumping and screaming of joy. You had a very big crush on him. “Let’s practice our lines." He said. “Start here…" He pointed in your book. “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?" You said and looked into his beautiful blue eyes. “Your beautiful…" He said. You looked at his lines. “Ugh, Mr.Tomlinson those arn’t your lines." You said blushing. His face instantly got red. “Oh…Where were we?" He asked looking in his book.You giggled and pointed to his line.


Every friday night, at 6:30 to 7:30, you would go to your guitar lessons. You had private lessons with Mr.Horan, who was only 2 years older than you and fit. You two were dating secretly, seeing as you didn’t want to get him fired. So you both kept it a secret. “Hey Niall." You said closing the door behind you. “Hello love!" He said. His accent was one of the man things that made you fall for him. You sat down, took out your guitar and played The A Team. “You sound great!" He said. “I learnt from the best!" You said and winked. He blushed and kissed you softly. “I hate this…"He said. “I know Niall, but your jobs is important." You said. “I hate hiding you, us" “We will figure it out, don’t worry." You said. “I…I love you…" He whispered. “What? You love me?" You asked. “Yeah, i think i do." He said. “Nialler i love you too!" You kissed him hard. “I love you so much…" You whispered. You guys didn’t do much playing that class.    

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