One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


115. He Loves Your Twin More Part One;

Zayn: You took off, noticing your twin sister (YSN). You caught up with her, giving her a light push. “Hey.” She turned at the sound of your voice, “Hey (YN). I thought your class was on the other side of campus?” You ignored her question, a slip of paper in her hand catching your eye instead. “Who’s number is it?” You asked excitedly, pointing to her hand. She looked down, eyes widening. “Oh it’s not a number. It’s… just a pass from earlier.” She said nervously. (YSN) was always a terrible liar and she knew it too. “Psh, yeah right!” You snatched it out of her hand giving her no time to react. You unfolded it, ‘Call me ;) -Zayn’. You felt your heart drop at the sight of your crush’s number. For a different girl. “I”m sorry (YN)… I knew you liked him.” She said rubbing your shoulder. Jealously ran over you as you started walking away, (YSN) following you, “I don’t know if this helps but I was’nt planning on calling him…” She said quickly. You turned facing her, tears already forming in your eyes, “Call him. I don’t want to be blocking you from a great relationship. He’s a great guy…” You stopped remembering all the times he helped you with math homework and whispered answers when you were called out in class, not knowing the answer.”Are you sure?” “Positive.”

Niall: You stood in line for the movies, laughing with your friends. You whipped you head around when you felt a harsh pinch on your ass. Your cheecks were burning when you noticed that Niall was the culprit. His eyes grew wide, instantly taking a step back. “Oh my god, (YN) I’m so sorry I thought you were (YSN)… The two of you look identical.” Your friends turned, watching as Niall tried to explain himself. “W-what are you talking about?” You stuttered, still madly blushing. “I thought (YSN) told you… We’ve been dating for a while now.” Your breath was caught in your throat, totally oblivious to your sister’s late night phone calls and sudden happiness. You became angry towards her that she wouldn’t have the decency to tell you. She knew about your obvious crush towards Niall and kept her new relationship a secret from you. “Oh…” Was all you could say. “I’m so sorry again… I’m really embarrassed.” You smiled a little, “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” You saw your sister from the corner of your eye walking towards the two of you. “Oh shit…” You glared at her, turning your heel to join your friends waiting for you by the entrance. 

Louis: You were walking down the crowded hallway when you overheard your name. You turned, seeing Louis leaning against the wall talking to his group of friends. You slowed down to hear better. “So which one of the (YLS) girls do you think is hotter?” The brunette said. You rolled your eyes. You and your  sister were identical twins but that didn”t stop your curiosity. You always have had an interest in Louis. “I don’t know, they look the exact same considering that they are TWINS, but theres something about (YSN) though thats very attractive. She stands out in a good way.” He said smiling to himself. You quickened your pace, not wanting to hear any more. You lost all hope, sad that he prefered your sister over you considering that he has never said one word to her. You’ve known him for a while, always there to listen to whatever he had to say. You tried to push the thought to the back of your mind as you took a seat in your first class.

Liam: You and Liam ran down past your house, sitting down by the small pond that was nearby. You started skipping rocks before noticing a change in his expression. He had that look in his eye that looked familiar. “Oh Liam, I recognize that look anywhere. Who is she?” You asked, a huge grin spreading across your face. He looked up at you returning the smile. “Um… (YN), do you promise not to be mad?” He said, nervously playing with his fingers. “Your scaring me.” You said laughing nervously. “Um, I don’t know how to tell you this but… I’m thinking about asking your sister out.” He looked up to try and read your expression as you stared blankly at the pond in front of you. He spoke up fast, “but if it makes you uncomfortable, I won’t!” You finally looked him in the eye, “No, Liam do whatever makes you happy. You deserve it. I’m fine with it. Honestly.” You rubbed his hand, making him smile.

Harry: You ran your hands throught Harry’s curls, pulling him closer into your heated kiss. “Mmm (YSN)” He mumbled against your lips. You pulled back with wide eyes, “What did you call me?” You choked out, shocked that he was imagining your sister instead of you. “(YN),  no thats not what I meant…” He said slowly. “Were you seriously picturing her while we were kissing? Harry, she’s my sister!” You shouted. He was about to open his mouth but you beat him to it, “No, save it.” You said, slinging your bag over your shoulder. You flung his bedroom door opening, starting down the stairs. “No, wait (YSN)!” He stopped in the middle of saying her name again, finally realizing what was coming out of his mouth. You could no longer hold the tears that were threatning to come as they slid down  your cheeks. Once you reached the driveway, you forgotten that Harry drove you here in the first place. You sighed, walking away from Harry’s protests, beginning your long walk.

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