One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


5. He Hits You

Liam; You are sitting on the floor, reading hate from people on Twitter, “Why did you kiss Zayn?" Liam yells marching through the door, slamming it angrily with a magazine in his hand. “I-I didn’t kiss Zayn" you stutter, you’ve never seen Liam so angry “Then explain this" he hisses throwing the magazine onto the coffee table. You begin to cry under pressure “it’s Photoshoped" you whale. “Don’t you DARE lie to me" he says. Before you know it your stare is at the ground and your cheek stings, you come to a conclusion that he slapped you. You look at him in disgust "(Y/N) don’t leave" he begs starring at you with puppy eyes, “No, I need to clear my head" you say leaving the small flat you two share with keys in hand…

Zayn; He’s a little buzzed after coming home from the bar, like he usually is, I mean who isn’t. You don’t like to bars and stuff, you don’t really like the person you become when you drink. He comes through the door with a blonde, and they’re sucking face. You go to your room and cry, you never thought this would happen. You share the flat with all the boys, so they took the blonde home while Louis came up and comforted you. “It wasn’t right for him to do that" you hiccup “I know, you should talk to him about it tomorrow" Louis suggests, you nod in response and tell him that you’re going to sleep. The next morning you go talk to Zayn, he’s in the kitchen with three beer bottles surrounding him, all empty. “Zayn honey?" You ask sweetly knowing how angry he can get in a short amount of time. “Don’t honey me, hoe" he snaps. You sigh, rubbing your temples. “Zayn you brought another girl home last night. Do you have any idea how hurt I was?" You ask ignoring his last comment “no, you stupid whore. I don’t really care either because guess what, I don’t want to wait until I’m married to have sex, I want to have sex with whoever I please, whenever I please." He hisses back. He knows our it’s a family tradition of yours to wait until you are married to have sex. “Now you little whore, strip, now" He demands “wh-what" you stutter in disbelief “you heard me" he sneers before back handing you. You grab the cheek that he hit. “No" you say before grabbing all of your things and leaving, dripping three key on the counter, never to return again.

Louis; Louis had been very fidgety lately, and you want to know why so you figured you ask him. “Louis, are you okay?" You ask him, cautiously. Then he does it, he hits you “why should I tell you" he sneers. You let a single tear slip from your eye, before becoming angry and storming out of the kitchen to grab the keys "(Y/N) Come back please, I-I didn’t mean it, the stress is getting to me" he begs “last shot Tomlinson" you say before trudging up the stairs.

Niall; "Ziall, Niam, Narry, I can’t take it anymore! WE’RE STRAIGHT" Niall exclaims throwing his fists down into the table in front of him. “It’s okay Niall, it’s just fans, being fans" you explain to him. “You don’t get it, you don’t get it at all" he yells slamming the back of his hand into your face. You grip your cheek, and look at Niall, sadness, and anger in your eyes “I thought you were different Niall" you spit before storming off, to god knows where.

Harry; You and Harry haven’t been talking to each other, it’s not that you are mad at each other it’s just you aren’t talking. “Why haven’t you been talking to me?" Harry asks cocking an eyebrow at you “It’s this why?" He asks with hurt in his eyes, as he shows you the tabloid of a photoshoped picture of you snogging some stranger. “Harry, no" you try to explain “you lying whore, get out of my house" he spits through gritted teeth as he slaps you. “Gladly" you angrily reply, he looks shocked, but it quickly flashes back to anger. You flick him off and leave.

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