One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


55. He Hits You And Regrets It Part 1;

Niall: Niall arrived home at 4am completely drunk. "Niall I'm tired of you coming home this late." You told him helping him walk to the bedroom. "Shut up bitch" "Excuse me!" You yelled releasing him in the middle of the hall. "Shut up! If I wanna go out with my friends I will!" He shouted trying to stand still. "You can go out with your friends but you can't come home this late." "You're not my mom! I can do whatever I want!" he angrily screamed before pushing you hard against the wall. You quickly felt the pain coming as the back of your head crushed against the solid material making a loud noise. "Omg I'm so sorry princess! I didn't meant to-" He stopped as he saw you crying and shaking uncontrollably. You felt like your head was about to explode, and not only because of the big bruise that was forming on it. Niall slowly approached at you to try to calm you by holding you in his arms, but it turned the opposite. "Don't touch me!" you screamed hysterically "Don't you ever touch me again! I hate you!" "babe please don't say that" he begged with tears in his eyes. "Get out!" "W-what?" "Get out of the fucking apartment right now!" you yelled before running away to your room and locking yourself in. Liam: "Liam stop" you said but he just kept pressing kisses on your neck. Liam had you trapped against a wall attacking your neck but you weren't really in the mood. "Liam seriously stop, I'm tired." "Ugh!" he sighed in frustration, "We haven't done it in a week, what's the problem?" "It's nothing, I'm just not in the mood." "Whatever" He rolled his eyes, "Just let me know when you are ready to give me what I want." "I'm not a sex machine Liam, I'm your girlfriend. I'm not here just to give you sex." you said offended. "No, you're here just to be a pain in the ass" "Enough Liam! You can't talk to me in that way!" "I can talk to you as I please, you're mine." He pressed you against the wall and tried to kiss you. "I said NO!" you yelled trying to push him away but he was to heavy. "I told you you're mine!" he yelled grabbing your wrist, pulling you hard against him. He squeezed your wrist so hard that It was hurting you. "Liam let me go! you're hurting me!" you shouted with tears in your eyes. As soon as he saw the pain in your eyes his face dropped and he released you. "I-I'm sorry, I don't know what happened to me- I-" You didn't let him finish his sentence and ran away to lock yourself in your bedroom. Zayn: You walked out to the balcony just to find your boyfriend exhaling the smoke of a cigarette. "That's not good for you boo" you said nicely hugging him from behind and placing your head on his shoulder. "I'm not in the mood for your shit right now so, could you please shut up?" he said harshly. "I'm sorry Zayn but I didn't mean it like that." you said releasing him. He turned around to face you. "You have been acting like a bitch about this whole smoking thing for too long and I'm tired" "Did you just call me a bitch?!" you asked offended. "Yeah 'cause you are." he snapped. "YOU CAN NOT DISRESPECT ME LIKE THAT!" "OMG ARE YOU ON YOUR PERIOD OR SOMETHING? STOP BEING SO ANNOYING" "AND YOU STOP ACTING LIKE AN ASS!" As soon as you finished your sentence, you felt something smacking against your face. You instinctively touched your cheek as your eyes filled with tears. "Did you just slap me?" you whispered trying hard not to cry. "I-I... I'm so sorry" "I'm done" "NO Y/N, WAIT!" Zayn yelled as you walked out the balcony. Louis: "YOU CHEATING BITCH!" Louis yelled as he entered to the apartment slamming the door behind him. You were shocked. You didn't understand what he was talking about and you were a little scared of his tone. "W-what?" you managed to ask. "YOU KNOW WHAT! YOU FUCKING SLUT CHEATED ON ME!" He throw a magazine at you with a picture of you and your brother hugging. "Lou it's not what you think..." "DON'T GIVE ME THAT SHIT!" Next thing you knew, Louis's face was red with anger as his hand was hitting your face. You felt the anger filling your body as the tears filled your eyes. "THAT'S MY FUCKING BROTHER YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" you yelled. He froze. You could tell for his eyes that he was shocked with himself for what he just did. "A-are you ok?" he whispered raising his hand trying to reach your cheek. "N-no!" you shouted as you shrank back. "I'm so sorry babe, I can't believe what I did" You were crying so hard that It was hard to see. You didn't understand what just happened, you couldn't believe that your boyfriend just hit you. "I'm leaving" you finally said. "What?! No! please don't leave me... I'm sorry" he begged, almost hysterically. You didn't responded, you just opened the door and walked away. Harry: "I think we should break up" "W-what?" Harry asked in unbelief. "I'm leaving tomorrow." you said with tears in your eyes, "I just can't keep doing this. I can't with the hate, I can't with the press, I'm tired..." "Y/N please don't do this to me. I will talk with the fans, management will talk with the press to leave you alone, we can get trough this." he cried. " I'm sorry. I love you but I'm done." "No! you're not leaving me!" he shouted almost hysterical. "I already made the decision Harry" "YOU. ARE. NOT. LEAVING ME!" he shouted grabbing your wrists with anger. "Harry stop!" "YOU ARE MINE!" "HARRY YOU'RE HURTING ME!" He suddenly released you and collapsed on the floor crying. You looked at your wrists and Harry's hands were marked on them. "I'm sorry Y/N... please don't leave me!"
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