One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


111. He Finds Out You’re A Victoria Secret Model

Harry: Your job as a Victoria Secret model consisted of doing photoshoots and taking part in fashion shows. But this week was different for you. Because management thought it would be good idea if you’d promote the new collection in some VS shop. So you spend one week in the mall near your apartment, each day wearing a new set of lingerie. But just as you handed another flyer to a woman, your heartbeat quickened and your breathing seemed to stop. You wished you were dreaming, but when you closed your eyes and opened them a few seconds later again, he was still standing there. Harry. Your and Harry’s relationship was great. He was a real gentleman and so caring and you even have had sex already. But you hid that you were a VS model. He thought you were just modeling for clothing brands. Too bad he just had the idea of surprising you by buying new lingerie for you. Your heart nearly stopped beating as he walked closer to where you were standing. “[Y/N]?” he asked, confusing and shock in his voice when he spotted you. “Uh… Hi Harry” you mumbled, fiddling with the papers in your hand. “Baby, what are you doing here?” he questioned, looking you up and down, “And why are you wearing that?” You gulped. “I… uh…I… fuck” you stammered, but eventually took a deep breath and explained the whole situation and everything about your job to him. “So you’re not a regular model but an underwear model?” he summarised and you nodded. “Well” he chuckled, as a cheeky smirk danced across his lips, “Then I don’t even have to buy new lingerie for you. You can just wear this one later.”

Niall: You were just scrolling through your twitter messages when one tweet suddenly engaged your attention. It read “@NiallOfficial i thought you’d never date a model??? liar!!” and there were more of them. Some even with photos of you. And it was true. You were a model and to be exact, you were a Victoria Secret model. But you never told Niall about it. You said that your parents were the ones who paid for uni, but actually it was you. And this type of tweets were the reason for your secrecy. Niall confessed in some interviews that he wouldn’t date a model, because they seem to prefect. And you were scared that if you tell him, he’d break up with you. But that day it looked like your secret was gonna be disclosed to Niall. You knew it was time to tell him, but you just hoped he didn’t see the tweets already, so that you could tell him in person. You sighed and grabbed your mobile, dialing Niall’s number. “Ello?” he answered his phone, cheerfully. “Hey Niall” you said, shifting in your seat. “Oh hey, love” he greeted, “Is something wrong?” “N-no. I just… where are you right now?” “At the studio, why?” You gulped and then immediately started to talk about your job, the tweets and that you were scared to tell him, barely taking a breath. You could literally see his puzzled look on the other end of the phone. You finshed your ‘speech’ and waited for him to talk, but there was just silence and your heart raced like hell. “Niall, I-” you begun, but he cut you off. “I’m going to come over later today and then we’re gonna talk about this, okay? …You don’t have to worry about anything… I love you, [Y/N].”

Liam: It was your and Liam’s second date and he took you out to an ice-cream parlor. You took your seats and he ordered for both of you. “I’ll be right back” the waitress smiled and walked off, leaving you and Liam for a conversation. “So [Y/N], I know pretty much about you now” he chuckled, and you did too, because on your last date you were a bit talkative. “But you never told me about your job.” He put his elbows on the table and his chin in his palms, focusing on what you were going to say. “I’m working as a model for Victoria Secret” you answered, proudly. “Really?” he questioned and you nodded, both of you smiling. “Well, I always knew you were an angel” he complimented you, causing you to blush. “Thank you” you mumbled and looked down, trying to hide your red cheeks. He chuckled and asked another question, “And what is it like to be one of Victoria’s Secrets?” You looked back up and told him that it is pretty cool actually and that you think it’s great that you can keep the lingerie. And you could swear that you saw his cheeks turning a bit redder while you said that. He was quite amazed by your job and kept asking question about it. In the end of your date you then invited him to come to one of your shows the following week and he gladly accepted, already planning on how he was going to ask you to be his girlfriend.

Louis: ”Thank you for helping me, Louis” you thanked him and grabbed another box. “No problem, love” he smiled and pressed a kiss to your forehead. You and Louis were in a relationship since about 2 month and that day your mom sent you some boxes from your home, because when you moved to London, you didn’t take all of your things with you. And the good boyfriend Louis was, he offered to help you. So you found youreslf sitting across from eachother, sorting out the stuff your mom sent you. You made one pile where you put the things you wanted to keep and one where you put the things that you wanted to throw away. You just put your old teddy on the ‘keep-pile’, when Louis all of sudden furrowed his brows. “What’s that?” he asked as he grabbed into the box, pulling out a book, and to be exact your old model book. “Oh that? That’s my old model book” you smiled and contiuned your work, like it was nothing. “Wait. You were a model?” he questioned, opening the book. You nodded, “I still am. But I’m not working for ‘Abercrombie and Fitch’ anymore.” You pointed at the book, where the label was written on it. “I’m working for Victoria Secret now, and I have a new model book.” He quickly stood up, “I need to find that book.” He looked around the room for some sign, “And the lingerie!”

Zayn: ”And here is One Direction!” the interviewer announced and from backstage you watched as your boyfriend and his band members ran on stage. The man greeted the boys and offered them a seat. They sat down and the interviewer immediately started to ask questions. First of all he asked the frequently asked questions about tour and stuff. But then it turned intresting when the interviewer asked who was single. Harry and Niall raised their hands and the interviewer turned to the taken boys. He asked Liam and Louis about their realtionships, and then Zayn, “After your relationship with Perrie Edwards we pretty much knew that you were interested in beautiful and talented girls. But Zayn, how is it to date a Victoria Secret model?” As soon as this question has been asked your body tensed and Zayn’s brows furrowed together. As well as the boys’. You never found the right moment to tell Zayn about your career as model and he was so confused about the question that he didn’t reply. “Well okay” the interviewer chuckled, “Keep your model girlfriend a secret then.” The interviwer winked at him and contiuned to ask questions. When they were finished, Zayn instantly walked over to you and pulled you aside. “What was that about, [Y/N]?” he asked, having a hold at your upper arm. “I-” you looked down and closed your eyes, inhaling deep. You told him the truth and moved your head back up. You expected him to be mad when you opened your eyes, but he slightly smiled and pulled you into a tight hug. “You’re to pretty to be a model” he murmured into your hair and stroke your back, causing you to chuckle. “You need to show me some of the underwear by the way.”

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