One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


76. Autumn

Liam- Autumn was your favorite season, you loved how the leaves would change color, you loved wearing comfy sweaters and drinking hot tea every afternoon and you absolutely loved watching this cute boy run every day at the same time in front of the bench you would sit in and he made sure to wink or greet you every single time. It was like you both had an unspoken date in that spot which you never missed and you knew that one day you would work up the courage to stop him and spend the rest of the day with him.

Niall- ”I hate autumn, all these bugs are coming to get me” you whined to your boyfriend as he chuckled preparing a BBQ outside your house. You were about to enter the shower when another stink bug was taking a nap on the walls of the shower. You screeched and yelled out your boyfriend’s name; he ran to the bathroom to check what was wrong and when you were pointing at the bug he laughed and took care of it for you “Thank you Nialler” you would tell him and kiss his cheek as he blushed and resumed his beloved BBQ.

Harry- ”I don’t get it, what’s the difference between autumn and fall?” he would ask you almost every single year when October came “I mean, autumn sounds cool but fall doesn’t make any sense” you loved how he would always think these irrelevant things “I don’t know but it’s probably because leaves fall and everything kind of dies” “That’s even more depressing!” he would yell as you chuckled and thought how you ended up with such a perfect husband.

Zayn- Autumn had to be yours and Zayn’s favorite season. It was the season where Zayn would come back to you after half a year of touring and it was the only season where you could spend every day cuddling, talking, shopping or reminisce about the past. It was the season where you could catch up on each other’s lives, share stories you still didn’t know about each other and as this became a routine, you both knew that your relationship could last until eternity because everything felt right.

Louis- ”Let’s play twenty questions” you would suggest laying on Louis’ bare chest every night you couldn’t sleep and he would always agree and answer every stupid question you made up “Favorite season?” was your last one “Ummm, I think it’s Autumn” You stared at him and he explained “It’s the season I met you, and knew you were the one for me” you smiled and hugged him “Thank God I missed the bus that day” you commented “Yes, thank God, otherwise all this would not have happened and I’d be an incomplete person.” it’s safe to say he was the sweetest guy you could ever ask for.

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