Small stories

These will be little oneshots/stories, posted once in a while :)


4. Calum Hood oneshot

Calum Hood




Love. It's a strong word, and an even stronger emotion. But love is exactly what described them. Simple as that. They were so in love, nothing could tear them apart. Not the months on end, when he'd be gone, only communicating through skype and phone calls. Not all the beautiful girls, who'd do anything to get with him. Nothing. She had his heart. He had her heart. They had eachother, through thick and thin. I guess they never really understood how much they meant to eachother, though they tried so incredibly hard. But love is also a complicated thing, and in the end, their love for eachother is what completely tore them apart. Jealousy and constant fighting ended up destroying their 'perfect relationship'. But then again, their love for eachother is what kept them together for far too long. In the end, they ended with a bang, and a lot of hatred for the other. They learned to be careful, and appreciate what they have, because suddenly it can be gone.

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