Small stories

These will be little oneshots/stories, posted once in a while :)


5. Ashton Irwin oneshot

Ashton Irwin




Caring is the word that described the way he acted towards her. With love, care and so much passion. He wouldn't let anyone or anything hurt her. She was his world, the stars on his sky, and nobody could love her like he did. Luckily, she didn't want anyone else. She was just as caring with him. Tender, loving. She loved him with a burning passion. They both loved the weekend mornings spend in bed, eating the breakfast one of them had been oh-so-early up, to make. All the laughing and smiling, the spontaneous little loving kisses. They loved the cuddling on the couch, when it was raining. Watching movies till they fell asleep on the couch. Kissing in the rain, when they went for a walk, and the sky suddenly decided to open up. The sleepless nights, spent talking to eachother about anything and everything. They loved it all, but most of all, they loved eachother, more than anything else in the world. 

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