Nobody compares

When One Direction superstar Harry Styles meets Supermodel of the moment Cara Delevigne at a party one night he instantly falls for her model looks and nonchalant personality. Theres just one problem, she couldnt care less about him and his cheeky charm.


6. Nothing's fine im torn

Cara's POV:

I couldnt breathe. I walked outside trying to catch my breath. All i wanted to do was run, away from here, away from everything. As i ran through the hospital to the doors i heard someone yelling my name behind me, i couldnt stop running so i just ignored it. As i reached the doors i pushed them open with the last bit of energy i had, then collapsed to the floor as everything went black. As i dropped i saw Harry running through the doors with a shocked look on his face. Then i was gone.


Harry's POV

"CARA!" As i walked out of the room to find Cara i saw her sprinting down the hall. I immediately started sprinting after her as fast as my body could take me. "CARA WAIT!" i screamed as loud as i could but it was no use she kept running. I had almost caught up to her as she heaved her way out of the doors then i saw her collapse to the ground. I ran over to her horrified. I pulled her upper body up onto my lap so she would be more comfortable when she woke up and i called for someone to get a nurse. Her eyes fluttered open as looked up at me confused.

"Hey, you collapsed so i called a nurse, dont worry everything going to be fine" I calmed her as i carefully strocked her hair soothing her.

"Ow" she exclaimed as she attempted to sit up.

"You've hit your head pretty hard you probably have concussion or something" I informed her as she lay back down on my lap.

"Sorry" she mumbled embarassed

"There's no need to be sorry, this is all my fault." I hushed her

Just as she opened her mouth to say something else the nurse interupted us.

"Umm sorry, mrs Delevigne the doctor is on his way just lay there untill he gets here so you dont provoke your concussion"

"Thanks" I nodded appreaciatively.


Cara's POV

Ugh. I woke up in my bed with the worst headache EVER! Last thing i remeber i was lying on Harry's lap then from there everythings fuzzy. How did i get home?

A loud bang came from the kitchen followed by the voice of someone cursing loudly. Shit whos in my apartment!?

I pulled myself out of bed supporting myself on the bedside table as i stood up and balanced myself. Shit my head really hurts... I slowly padded along the floorboards making my way slowly to the kitchen. Oh god im seeing double of everything... maybe i should go back to bed...

Just as i turn back around to head for my bed a voice sounds behind me

"Hey gorgeous, how are you feeling?" i spun around a little too quickly causing me to loose my balance, did someone just call me gorgeous!?

"Woah easy there!" I look up to see myself in Harry's arms

"Harry? What are you doing here?" i asked completely shocked

"I wasnt just going to leave you to fend for yourself after suffering quite a bad concussion now was i, i actually quite a good guy despite what you think" He chuckled

"I never said you werent a nice guy" I mumbled embarassed because if he actually knew what i thought about him he would be quite pleased with himself but i couldnt let that happen! Think of Rita! Oh god Rita... i wonder how she is.

"How's Rita?" i quickly say trying to distract him from out previous conversation.

"Alot better, the therapy is really helping the doctor says she will be able to go home in a couple weeks" He says carefully avoiding eye contact with me.

"Umm im going to go lie down" I state suddenly feeling quite sick thinking of Rita and Harry alone in the hospital room without me.

He doesnt say anything but instead gently pushes me upright onto my feet and releases me.


Rita's POV


"Thanks Doc" i reply cheerily as the doctor leaves my room. Hes just told me i can go home sooner than we thought. I cant wait to get out of here hospital food is repulsive and im so bored! Harry visits every day but not for long enough and he will barelty touch me, he says its cause he doesnt want to bring back memories of the rapist. Ive told him im fine but he doesnt listen. Hes been acting really strange recently.


I havent seen Cara since the first day i came in here, Harry told me she sliped over at home and got a concussion as has been in bed for the past week. I miss her so much, life is so boring without her, i need to tell her about Harry acting strange and ask her what i should do, she would know she gives the best advice and she really undertands the minds of guys. I wish she would use that power more to her advantage and get a boyfriend, she keeps telling me she wants to focus on getting her career started before she even thinks about dating but i know thats bullshit cause her career is going amazingly and she still acts like she couldnt give a shit about every guy that hits on her, which is basically everyone, god that girl is such a guy magnet. Goddamn her hotness!

My thoughts were interupted by Harry poking his head around the door

"Hey" He smiled as he walked in with some sushi in his hands

"I brought you some decent food"

"Oh thank god! This shit tastes like absolute garbage" I sighed with relief as i pushed my bowl of soup to the side.

He chuckled and walked over to the bed and sat the sushi on the table.

"So hows Cara?" i asked breaking the silence that had taken over the room

"Well... you can ask her for yourself" He smiled glancing at the door as Cara burst in with an excited smile on her face

"The party's here!" She threw her arms in the air posing stupidly

I jumped out of bed and ran over to her throwing my arms around her

"I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!" She giggled as i threw myself on her

"I missed you to Rita!"

"So tell me missy how in the hell did you manage to give yourself concussion?"

"Erm well... i was... ummm...well you know me always falling over!" she chuckled awkwardly... something is up with this girl. I decided to let it pass for now, ill ask her about it later once Harry's gone.



Hey guys sorry this chapters really shit and boring ive been having really bad writers block haha! i had to have this bit because otherwise the next bit with drama wont make sense so hang in there it will be getting more interesting soon! ill be pulishing the next chapter really soon to make up for not updating for ages! im sorry ive just been really busy with school and stuff! Anyways thanks for your comments, keep liking and favouriting!

P.S What do you think about Zayn and Perrie being engaged? I ship them so much as a couple but i think they are way too young and they are going to regret it! Anyways thats just what i think, comment your opinion below. xx





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