Twelve Years Before (prequel to Journey of the Star Bearers)

Fantasy story about a girl who lives on a planet called Starre. This is her life before the War...


17. Oh Look, a Fight

HI THIS IS XENA HERE. I can understand why Danny gave me the scribe role at this point as I was probably the only one who could see everything on this occasion so my account is probably more accurate than even Kara’s so listen closely.

It was probably two months after Kara had arrived and we were all starting to relax, thinking that we had managed to escape the notice of our enemies; it still feels weird saying that even after two years. Anyway, as I was saying, we were all relaxing and that was probably our first mistake. They came in the middle of the night, when we were all asleep and no one noticed the shield alert us. The first we knew they were there was when the shield Kara, Fran and I had placed around the village woke us all up with a shrill shriek in our ears, and when we started to scream, the others were alerted to the danger.

Kara sent out a mind message to meet at the school which had, unbeknown to us, become our rendezvous point. I warned my siblings to lock the door after me and not let anyone in until I got back. Then I ran across the square to the school and waited for the others to arrive so we could decide what to do. As soon as Kara arrived, she gave us each a job to do.

“Master, see if you can search out for their powers so we know what we’re up against, Fran, work on slowing them down with a storm, Xena, shield us so they can’t get a fix on us, Danny, make sure no one needs anything, just take care of them. Everyone clear?” She directed us with such confidence for her age. We all nodded our assent and set about the tasks she had set us.

It was almost dawn when they arrived, wet and dishevelled. Kara looked to our Master, gaining the information about who was the most dangerous, her knife appearing in her hand, almost of its own accord. I sized up the enemy, thinking about who I should take when I heard her voice in my mind. ‘Stay back and protect the rest of the village, we can take them. I’m relying on you to get any that slip away.’

Next thing I knew, she was flying into a battle that outnumbered us twenty to one but that didn’t matter to her. From the village I registered the strongest coming out to help us and knew that I was responsible because, even though they were strong, only our inner circle was in anyway prepared for this. I watched as Danny threw all her magic at one only to be knocked back, unconscious. I instinctively threw out a shield to protect her, leaving her attacker in momentary confusion, long enough for me to duck in and pull her out of harm’s way.

The battle continued like this. When people were hurt, I rescued them but luckily not many were hurt, thanks to Kara. You could tell that she had let her instincts take over and was nothing like the sensitive friend that she was. In a word she looked immortal, powerful and beautiful; destroying whatever was in her path. I almost felt sorry for those she killed because the last thing they saw was this creature and they didn't even want to fight anymore.

This went on for hours as more and more were streaming through the unmonitored shield and into the never ending fight but eventually it did end with a spark so bright it would have turned you to ashes by looking at it. All I know is that one minute I'm watching her fight then I’m shielding my eyes from a light that killed them all.

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