Twelve Years Before (prequel to Journey of the Star Bearers)

Fantasy story about a girl who lives on a planet called Starre. This is her life before the War...


4. My Fifth Year-Second Day at School

ON MY SECOND DAY ANOTHER GIRL ARRIVED, so we had another greeting session in the morning. Her name was Fran and I decided to take her into my small group of friends, Danny, Xena and Me, so she would be accepted be the other girls, plus she seemed like a very powerful, kind girl. Once this had finished we went into the hall and she was tested. Our group gained another exceptional student. Our master then announced that he was going to take us a group at time and the rest of us should get to know the people in our group.

One hour later, our Master pulled back our flap.

“Now, you lot are the group I thought there would only be one in,” He looked at me “But you’re all in here which means you all must have extra powers to have so much control so young. Kara, I already know you have all the powers there are, have been and will be but I’ll only teach you the power of the storm for now. Fran, you also have the storm. Xena, you have the power to not be detected.”

“How do you know?” asked Xena.

“I have the power to tell what powers others have. Camilla must have something planned for you three. She wouldn’t have given so many powers otherwise. It is unusual to have one with an extra power, let alone three with one having all of them!”

I begged him to teach me more but he refused, saying one would be more than enough for one so young. He had me and Fran try to create a small raincloud and Xena to hide herself and use her powers to stop him from finding her. Hours later, a bell rang. All we had managed was for me to make a raindrop and Xena to find a really good hiding place.

“Ok,” my Master announced “It will take quite a long time, at least a week, for Xena to hide herself for 1 minute and you two to make a raincloud. Eventually, you will be able to move and manipulate the storm and conceal others as well as yourself. Time to go home.”

We met with Danny and the four of us made our way home when the sky turned pitch black. A young girl fell to the ground screaming, just three years old. I dropped my bag and rushed over to her. Her eyes were rolling with madness.

I called to the others “Help me get her inside!”

They rushed over and we brought her into Fran’s house. She was still screaming her head off so I put my hand on her forehead and imagined her lying still, breathing evenly, not screaming. The screaming stopped and the others gasped.

“How did you do that?” asked Danny, gesturing to the girl.

Xena and Fran just looked at me with worry in their eyes. I excused myself and went into the hall. I didn’t know how I had done that and now I felt weak and shivery. I drew the dagger, which I had kept with me ever since I had found it, from my bag and clutched it. To my surprise, I found strength returning to my body. I looked at the dagger in wonder and saw that it was glowing silver. I then looked at my body and saw that it, too, was glowing silver. I ran out the door and straight back to the school. Desperately, I banged on my Master’s door, searching for an explanation for what had happened. He opened the door and I fell down crying and, between sobs, explained. He picked me up off the ground and took me inside. He told me that sometimes my powers would reveal themselves to me when they are needed to help our race, that’s what I was here for, to protect the stars and their starbearers. I pulled myself together, thanked him and ran back to Fran’s house. They were all standing in the doorway and relief crossed their faces followed by concern from Fran and Xena.

“It’s alright,” I reassured them “It’s supposed to happen.”

Danny looked at me with a confused look and I made a `later ‘ sign. We went into the kitchen to see that the girl had woken up.

“Where am I? It just went black, I couldn’t see…”She exclaimed, talking so fast I could barely understand her.

“It’s ok. You’re safe. What’s your name?” Danny asked gently. She was always good with children.

“Ruby. I want to go home!”

Danny took her by the hand and led her out of the room. The other two immediately looked at me so I told them everything my Master had told me. When I finished they just nodded and asked for no more details, for which I was grateful. At that moment, Danny entered the room. We said good bye to Fran and Xena, who lived just down the road, and headed out of town.


Our house was a small white cottage at the edge of town, surrounded by luscious green fields and a small crystal blue pool where we both learnt to swim. Delilah, Danny’s mother, was a pretty woman with short blonde hair to her shoulders and bright blue eyes. She was a short woman but was one of the fiercest people I knew. Every day when we got home, she would give us a chocolate biscuit and hot chocolate then sit and listen to how our day went. She was the best mother any girl could have. That afternoon she did exactly the same and reacted in the perfect way to everything we said but something was different. As soon as I saw it, I dismissed for a trick of the mind and thought nothing of it. The rest of the day went perfectly normally.

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