Twelve Years Before (prequel to Journey of the Star Bearers)

Fantasy story about a girl who lives on a planet called Starre. This is her life before the War...


19. Just give me an Answer!

I WOKE UP INFURIATED. All I wanted was one answer to one question but no! I had to chase some crazy women through dimensions and get told off for trying to visit my boyfriend. It was just so unfair! I was supposed to have this huge destiny but how could I fulfil it if I was stuck with no answers to the questions I had.

Sunrise had come and gone while I had slept but school wasn’t for hours yet. I decided to ride across to the other side of the planet. I don’t know what compelled me to but I just did. Riding on Fidelis I was finally free of any responsibility or future; it was just me, the wind on my face and the powerful horse underneath me, clearing anything in its way.

Arriving on the other side of the planet, I stopped to see an elegant silver body lying on the ground. I ran over to see that it was a dog which was bleeding heavily and was obviously severely hurt. I placed one hand on its side and it made an effort to warn me off only to yelp in pain. Gently stroking her head, I murmured comforting noises to her as I healed her. Positive that I had done all I could for now, I carried her over to Fidelis, laid her gently on his back, mounted and rode back to the stables.

As soon as I was in through the gates of the stables, I dismounted, not bothering to stop. I pulled Fidelis round gently, careful not to jar his precious load, into his stall. Placing the dog down gently, I brushed Fidelis and filled up his food and water. Then I picked up the dog and carried her across the village to my house. Slamming the door open, I yelled to Danny, knowing that she would be up.

“Danny, clear the kitchen table. Quickly!”

She was moving the breakfast plates as I came in through the door and laid the dog down gently. I heard Danny gasp from behind me then run upstairs, probably to get the medical kit from the bathroom. While she got the medical supplies, I worked on making sure that Zeeva, as I had decided to call her, was comfortable. This name meant wolf and seemed appropriate due to her markings and spirit but not only that but it seemed to fit into my life. Zeeva would survive this because she would be with me at the end. I got a sudden flash of a battlefield ablaze with frozen fire and stars fading from the sky. When my mind shot back I fell down gasping for air after what I had seen but it didn’t mean anything, did it?

No longer could I speculate, as Danny came back in brandishing bandages and cloths. I grabbed them from her and let the healing power take control of my mind and make my hands do the right things to help. Soon, Zeeva was lying on the table recovering from her ordeal and I was explaining to my friends how I had found her. Without conscious thought, I looked up at the clock and realised that we needed to leave. I stood up and everyone else followed suit.

“You guys go ahead,” I said “Danny and I will follow in a moment.”

Once they had all filed out I turned to Danny.

“I’m gonna need you to help me get Zeeva into school. I can’t leave her alone while she’s so unstable”

Danny just nodded and fetched a long piece of rope from the cupboard so I could fashion a makeshift collar and lead for her then slipped it round her head. Going slowly and carefully, we made our way to the school for the day’s lessons. I was sure that my Master would let me have her with me as he would trust me to have a reason.

The rest of the day went normally for the most part. The lessons were the same and just as boring as ever. Although everyone was looking at Zeeva strangely, she didn’t take any notice of them and did exactly as I told her. I could tell that she would be very easy to train and I could probably train her to protect and fight which would be very helpful.

After school finished, we all went down to an empty field in the outskirts of the village to start to train Zeeva to be able to manoeuvre around us in an actual fight. We also brought the horses out so that she got used to traveling at the pace of the horses and didn’t get tired. For five hours we worked on commands, stamina, strength and speed until Zeeva had got every single command down but would only take them from the five people who taught her. For the final hour, I conjured up some fake enemies so that she could practice against something real and physical. By the time we were done, she was probably the most dangerous, but loyal and obedient, dog in the whole universe.

I decided that since I was going to keep Zeeva, I would have to get some provisions such as food and a bed but really I could probably give her some of our food in moderated amounts for now. However, the bed was more of a problem. Going round the village to see what I could find seemed the best option at the moment but if nothing came up she would have to sleep with me at night until I could make her something. As it turned out, an old lady had a small dog basket, slightly too small for Zeeva but it would have to do until I could get something else. So we trudged home, Zeeva skipping and bounding alongside us, and settled down while Danny cooked the dinner. As we ate, we discussed all that had gone on today, the lessons and the homework we had been set came up the least, and how having Zeeva would give us an advantage. All the while, she sat there, good as gold until we had finished and I gave her some of the beef from the stew we had been eating on a plate and she ate it up like she hadn’t seen food for weeks, which was probably true. Finally, we said our goodbyes to Ruby, Fran and Xena and headed up the stairs to bed, Zeeva trotting behind us.

Once in my bedroom I sighed with relief. I was tired and I didn’t think I could keep it up any longer. Zeeva came up to me and put her head in my lap whilst I tickled her ears. For some reason, she calmed me and made all my worries, not disappear, but just take a back seat for now. I dumped the basket and let her sleep on the bed. Before I got into it, I walked over to my mirror and looked at my reflection but it wasn’t really me. I looked and saw a confident young lady but that was the complete opposite of what I was feeling. Zeeva sighed, walked up beside me and looked at me with knowing green eyes, like she was saying that the mirror was trying to tell me something.

“Maybe you’re right, girl” I sighed in defeat, tickling her ears “Maybe you’re right indeed.”

I turned my back on the stranger in the mirror to deal with her another day.

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