Twelve Years Before (prequel to Journey of the Star Bearers)

Fantasy story about a girl who lives on a planet called Starre. This is her life before the War...


15. Back to School

I WOKE UP TO A GENTLE KISS. As my vision cleared, I saw Sergius leaning over me. I sat up and looked at my clock, it was 11:48.

“I need to leave now or I never will and I wasn’t sure if they could sense people coming and going so…” he explained.

I sat up and cleared my eyes. After concentrating for a bit, I managed to create a loose shield that hid him from the force surrounding the planet.

“It isn’t as powerful as Xena’s would be but it will get you past the sensors and to a safe place to hide until we need each other again.”

“I will always need you, Kara.” He declared without shame.

I kissed him and then led him over to the window. One last kiss on the cheek and he was gone. I watched him until he was gone from the horizon then wandered back to bed and slept till morning.

As daylight glistened over the city, the children were getting ready to go to school and as was I. Even though I hadn’t been around for the past few years, I still needed an education and, mysteriously, all the information that I had missed was implanted in my head. As school didn’t start for another hour or so, I decided to go and visit Fidelis.

No one stopped me as I walked into the stables but they did all look at me strangely. I guessed that was what I was going to see in a lot of people. It’s not like you can disappear for five years then come back without anyone noticing! Ignoring all the people, I let myself into Fidelis’ stall and mounted him. Once I was away from all the people, I kicked Fidelis into a gallop and just rode, feeling at peace for the first time in ages. I had no idea how long I rode for, but by the time I got back, school was about to start. I got into the classroom just before the bell rang and as soon as I walked through the door, everyone stopped talking and pretended to be busy doing something so I assumed they all must have been talking about me. I did a quick scan of the room before going to sit with the others.

“Hey,” I stated, swinging into a chair “Where’s Kathy?”

“Who?” They all looked at me strangely so I decided to move onto another topic but every so often, one of them would glance sideways at me as if I was mad. At the end of registration I decided to test something so I went over to Leah, Kathy’s best friend.

“Have you seen Kathy? I wanted to say hi.” I asked casually.

“Kara!” She exclaimed wildly, relief evident in her eyes “We really must catch up. Excuse me guys.” She called over her shoulder to her friends.

Once we were well out of earshot, she swivelled to face me, worry clouded over her face.

“I don’t know what to do,” Leah whispered, tears tracking down her face “She disappeared just after you did and everybody started to forget about her except me and I didn’t know what to do so I just pretended everything was fine and…”

“Shh,” I cut in gently “Can you take me to the place you last saw her?”

She nodded and I reached into my mind and applied what I’d learnt with Sergius about the mind/relationship bond thingy to find my master. The link wasn’t very strong but it was enough to leave a brief message. Something’s come up only I can deal with, give me a few. Then I led Leah through the door. Suddenly, something came to me. Turning Leah towards me, I reached into her mind to see some kind of calling card, a way to get me to come to them, Delilah and whoever else was messed up in this stuff. I explained this to Leah gave her the way to reach Kathy and left my own message for them to find.

“But how do you know they’ll give me Kathy and not take me prisoner as well.” She stuttered.

“I don’t, not completely, but I think the message that I left will make sure they do as they’re told and before you ask it involves Xena, Fran, Danny and me and I think Danny’s been wanting to get her own back on her mother for some time now.”

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