New town, New house, New boyfriend? (Niall horan fanfic) +15

Lydia's 19 from wales moving to Ireland but she wishes she wasn't, She loves where She lives. But when one special boy shows up after she does move will he change her mind or will she keep him out like she does with everyone else. ( kinda like dark )


4. I'm not going. Chapter 4

Lydia's p.o.v

School was pretty normal that day I mean occasionally Niall would give me this look, like he wanted to kiss me, but I stayed away, I didn't want people to know what was going on, I mean I didn't even know what was going on.
At lunch time Katie had asked me to sit with her, Andrew and James but I told her no because I was going home because I had no more classes today which wasn't a total lie, I didn't have anymore classes, but the main reason I didn't want to sit with them was James, not just because of what he tried to make me do but if he brought up Niall, I wouldn't have to be there to explain.
When I finally got to the gym I was greeted by Carly the woman at the desk. "Your farther isn't here. He left about an hour ago." She spoke while typing rather fast on her computer.
"I know, I just wanted to practice." I smiled, Adam my foster farther owned the all men's boxing gym yes i said all MEN'S but there was an inception for me so I didn't need to pay or have membership I came in when I wanted, and did what I wanted and yes we had only been here a day but we visited a lot because of his parents lived here, so he had owned it from the start. "You know no one will fight you?" She questioned fully taking notice of my existence, 
I sighed "Yes I know I'm a girl so no one here will fight me" I stared at the ground. 
"But you can still practice" she placed a sweet smile across her face, as I walked though the open gym doors.
As I walked to the toilets to change everyone was staring at me shocked, I ignored them as usual.
I locked the door behind me and change into gym shorts and a tank top, I then walked out over to the punching bags, all eyes on me still as I took all of the anger I bottled up inside of me out on the punching bag.
After about five minuets I heard the doors to the gym open. Not really taking much notice I carried on punching.
"I'd know those curls anywhere" I heard a deep voice speak. I turned to see Niall stood directly in front of me his face just inches from mine, and all eyes on us.
"Although last time I saw them they were drenched." He smiled "what are you doing in an all boys gym?" he snaked his arms around my waist smirking,
"Why do I bother you?" I smirked back, trying to change the subject, not wanting to explain about Adam. 
"Of corse not." His face looking shocked
I giggled "Now kiss me you fool" I yelled,
Niall placed his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet.
"You can't kiss me if your hands over my mouth" I mumbled in to his hand.
"Then I'll have to replace it with my lips" he smirked, moving the hand for my mouth back to my waist. As I grabbed him tight by the nape of his neck, before his lips finally hit mine. It was just a sweet simple kiss, but held a lot of meaning even if it was just for me. Although one thing has been stuck on my mind all day is when Niall told me I wasn't what he expected, what did he mean? I had no idea but I intended on finding out.
"Your not how I expected you to be."
"Take a picture it'll last longer!" Niall shouted to everyone staring at us, and they all looked away.
"I'll see you tonight" I smiled walking away slowly,
"Why you leaving so soon, I wanna watch you" he smirked, pulling me back "it's such a turn on" he winked, checking me out. I slowly turned around and walked out of the gym ignoring his remark.


"Mum, I'm home!' I yell,walking into the kitchen
"Hey sweetie how was school?" She said walking in from the living room into the kitchen to hug me,
"It was ok, I went to the gym after school." I told her walking over to the fridge to see if there was anything I could eat. "I did text you but you never replied so I don't know if you got it or not?" She hummed in response then asked me if I wanted a cup of tea, I told her no and she carried on making herself tea.
"Will you ask your brother if he wants one he's in the living room?" She asked,
I closed the fridge after deciding I wasn't really hungry, and walked into the living room finding the only real family I have, yes that's right my brother is my real brother, he sat there in the corner of the room reading.
I walked over to him and tapped his shoulder, scaring him. I apologised for startling him, and signed to him if he wanted tea or not. One thing you should know about my brother is he's deaf, which I have no problem with, its just me and my bro are twins but everyone loves him so much more, I don't know if it's cause he's deaf or not but what ever it is, it's really annoying. But I still love him.
He replied with a simple no, and went back to reading, as I walked away and told mum.
"I have a date tonight." I said casually as I walked over to the island in the middle of the kitchen and sat on a stool.
"Really? What's his name? Is he cute? Do you like him?" Mum seemed pretty excited, probably because I've never actually been on a date before, and as embarrassing as that sounds it's true. "Yes I do, his name is Niall, yes he's cute, and I don't know I think so." I said smiling like an idiot "He's going to pick me up at 
8, what do you think I should wear?" 
By now mums attention was fully on me.
"Well go take a shower, and call me when your done I'll help you pick something" she smiled, practically kicking me out of the kitchen and into the hall.
When I got to my room I heard my phone buzz in my bag,
"Hello?" I answered there was no caller ID
"Hey it's Millie, got a new phone and a new number. So how's hell?" She questioned. I could hear Sam in the background.
"It's not ...hell" 
"What!" They both yelled down the phone, "you've met a boy haven't you? Haven't you?" Millie repeated.
"Kinda," I was sat on my bed fiddling with my hair
"What do you mean kinda. Have you or haven't you?" She replied quickly obviously interested.
"Well yes but he's the town bad boy." I slowly and quietly replied
"So your into bad boys hey?" I could practically hear her smiling though the phone, "so what's his name?"
"Niall, Niall horan" I smiled 
"I've heard of him he's really bad, I mean like really bad, he gets into fights all the time and always wins he's never lost a fight. And boy does he have a temper on him, you tell me if he hurts you, ok?" Sam responded being the over protective boy best friend,
"Ok I promise I'll tell you, but he won't. Anyway I have to go I have a date with Niall, talk to you later, bye" I hung up before they replied and spread myself out on the bed.
After 5 minuets of thinking about god knows what, I got off of the bed and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.


"No, I hate them all they make me look fat."I yelled out in annoyance.
"Non of them make you look fat you look beautiful in everyone of them." Mum replied calmly trying not to yell back,
Then Emmett my brother walked in carrying a plain mid thigh length baby blue dress, that got longer at the sides and a pale cream belt.
He handed me the dress and signed that it was my Christmas present but he would give it to me now because I needed it. I smiled and thanked him before telling mum what he had said.
Out of the whole family me and Emmett were the only ones who could sign so if Emmett wanted something he had to tell me first.
I walked into the bathroom taking off the dress I had tried on before and put on the one Emmett had given to me.
"I don't know if it suits me" I yell hearing my phone. "Can you pass my phone" I said peeping my head round the door, mum handed me the phone and I answered it.
"Hello?" I closed the bathroom door behind me locking it, and stared at the mirror still trying to see if I liked the dress or not.
"I'm leaving now so be really when I get there ok" I hate that I always forget to check the caller ID.
"No, I'm not ready," I replied, knowing it was Niall by his voice and the fact that he was talking about the date.
"What, why not?" He didn't sound mad or annoyed like I thought he would.
"Non of them look good on me" I cry down the phone,
"I'm sure they don't. I bet you look perfect in everyone of them, now just pick one." 
I blushed "you think I'm perfect?" I could see in the mirror I looked like a tomato,
"Yes I do, so just pick a dress ok. I'll be there in ten." 
Still smiling like an idiot, I hung up and opened the door, seeing mum and Emmett staring at me.
"What did he say?" Mum stood, walking towards me.
"He thinks I'm perfect" I whispered and signed so Emmett knew what was going on, then he signed back wear that dress it's perfect for you.

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