Birdy`s Travel Hogwarts fight

The second book of B T

I seem to be alive and my brother knows it. Second wizarding war is about to happen, every one thinks I`m dead, what could possiby be worse? Oh yeah, George and all the other friends of mine is gonna hate me. The dream I had a couple of years back come true.
(This happens ofC in one of the books of HP)
Book two, read book one first: B T 4i1o


2. Supposed to be dead

I headed back to my house to get the rest of my stuff, and I could hear Jack shouting to me from behind but I couldn`t head back to him. I went in the door and got my bag to grab the other things I got here, I`d already been at the Weasly`s to get my wands, yes wands as more than one; I`ve got all the house wands to say it like that, I have slytherin`s, Gryffindore`s, Ravenclaw`s and Hufflepuff`s wand. Don`t ask why I use the Slytherin Wand the most, cuz I honestly don`t know.

As I walked up the stairs, the door went open it had to be Jack. I ran upstairs to the roof. Ok just something I`ve got to tell you bout the roof... Urrmm...

It has two pools one small and one that is actually on the side of the building cuz it`s just as big as the house, and it`s a tree at the bottom of that pool, and then I`ve got two wirlpools, and then a huge wall that it`s a lot of pictures at. 

I went straight to the biggest pool and jumped in it, but before I could reach the water I was dragged up again by no others than my brother Jack. "Oh... My... GOD!" That wasn`t Jack who said it, but someone who stood behind him so I couldn`t see who it was, but I heard that it was Aber. Aber revieled himself and he had a shocked expression on his face that I would`ve paid to see. I even almost laughed, but then Jack let me down at the ground. I stood up, facing them.

"You`re supposed to be dead, why aren`t you dead?" Aber said 

"Cuz... Urrmm... Err..."

"You never was, were you? We had a funeral for you. We have been crying. We... We..."

"Were suffering." Jack said still actually out of words.

"I`m sorry, but this was easier."

"Easier? How was pretending to be dead easier than... Whatever you`re doing?"

"I`m... Sorry for Lying to you all, but I`m looking for something. Something that I can`t tell you bout" They both just looked at me like I was crazy, this was not going to well. I looked at the ground and started walking, past them and in and out the front door again. "Wait! We didn`t mean that we weren`t happy to see you!" I turned around, both of them were standing there waiting for me to get in again. We sat at the kitchen table, Jack and Aber were looking at me for an explaination. 

So I jumped in it:

"I was in the coffin, when you took me to the hole, but then Dumbledore came and changed the coffins so that I wasn`t in it when you "Barried me""

"Who was in it when we barried it, or was there any one in it?"

"RP was in it then, so we hopefully don`t have to carry on with him there trying to kill us. Yes Dumbledore was playing along with me. But what happened after I "died"?"

"Well they stopped the games, and then Voldemort came back."

"What? That was kinda what I hoped not to happen. The last task would be a labyrinth, and then the Trophy would be a port key, and Harry and I and Cedric would come to a graveyard and then Voldemort would come back and Cedric would die and then it`s a mess." They both looked at me like I was some sort of lunatic. "Is that why you faked died?" Aber asked, I just nodded.

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