Birdy`s Travel Hogwarts fight

The second book of B T

I seem to be alive and my brother knows it. Second wizarding war is about to happen, every one thinks I`m dead, what could possiby be worse? Oh yeah, George and all the other friends of mine is gonna hate me. The dream I had a couple of years back come true.
(This happens ofC in one of the books of HP)
Book two, read book one first: B T 4i1o


8. Dumbledore`s last will

The next days was all bout rcovering my scapula. I took out my wings sometimes but it hurt so much when I moved the left one. "Come on, try one last time to take them out." George said, he and Fred had been pushing me to do it very often the past days. We were outside right now, cuz the twins had picked me up when I`d been in the kitchen and carried me out to the garden, and now they tried to get me get my wings out. "No." I said, and they both looked at me with puppy eyes. "Fine!" I took of my jacket, so I was in my singlet. I turned around so I didn`t look at them, and took out my wings. My right wing knocked over Fred, while my left wing knocked over George. It didn`t hurt... For me. Fred and George on the other hand was on the ground massaging their jaws. Then you might understand that I`d turned around, and I helped them up. Harry Ron and Hermoine came out, it was Harry`s birthday today! Fuck! I`d been working on his present quit a while now, but I`m not sure if it works. Ron was angry with Harry for some reason. "You broke up with her!" Ron shouted at Harry. Harry looked so afraid, so I just went in between them. "What if you tell me what the hell is going on, and I will knock one of you over afterwards:" I said trying to get Ron a little further away from Harry. "I kissed Ginny." Harry said still looking at Ron as in see if he was going to punch him or not. "Ron you can not be mad at Harry, that was Ginny`s birthday present for Harry. When We`re talking bout birthday presents, I haven`t given you mine." I said and tripped them both over. I could hear Fred and George trying to stop their laughter. "You said you were going to knock only one over." Hermoine said. "Yeah, I couldn`t deside wich one of them." I said.

Savier came out with the gift I`d been making for Harry. "Here, sorry I didn`t have time to pack it up, but, hope you like. Wait, if it doesn`t work, I`ll fix it." I said and handed Harry the gift. "What is it?" Harry asked with curosity. "It kinda... If you push that button, you say a name and then you can talk to that person even  if the person is dead or alive. You can see the person on ths screen to." Harry looked at it. I knew what he was thinking, he could call Sirius or maybe his parents. Just so know how it looks: It looks like an iPad 3. "Do you like it?" I asked and he nodded. "It`s perfect, thank you!" He said looking up at me grateful. 

We were about to celebrate Harry, but suddenly a patronus charm came. It was a Weasel, it stood on it`s hind, and said with Mr Weasly`s voice: "I have the minister with me." and then it was gone. Every one was confused over why Mr Weasly would bring the minister. It didn`t became time to discuss it cuz they arrived. When they got in, the minister said that he wanned to talk to me, Harry, Hermoine and Ron. So we wnet to the living room.

"So I want to ask you some questions. So if you three could go upstairs so I can..." Scrimgeor gestured for us to go but Harry cut him of. "We`re not going anywhere. What you have to say, you can say to every one." Scrimgeor just looked at him. It didn`t seem like Harry or anyone of them like Scrimgeor, wich was undersandable after all they had been calling him a liar and stuff and then they were rude enough to ask for his help after that. After acusing were said and everything was cleared up, he gave us what Dumbledore had left us. Hermoine got a book the tales of Beedle the Bard and Ron got Dumbledore`s own Deluminator, Harry got a snitch, and for me Dumbledore left a letter. "That letter is actually hexed, so only you can open it." Scrimgeor said and handed me the letter. I didn`t open it there, I didn`t want Scrimgeor to know what was in the letter. 

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