Birdy`s Travel Hogwarts fight

The second book of B T

I seem to be alive and my brother knows it. Second wizarding war is about to happen, every one thinks I`m dead, what could possiby be worse? Oh yeah, George and all the other friends of mine is gonna hate me. The dream I had a couple of years back come true.
(This happens ofC in one of the books of HP)
Book two, read book one first: B T 4i1o


6. A\N

Sorry, but this is the end, she died, so there is not another chapter.

Hope you liked this short movella.

Sorry for the bad ending













I`M JOKING!! You should`ve seen your face!! Hilarious!! It was like "that`s the ending?!" HAHAHAHA!! I`m so funny! Don`t you think so? (Evil smile.) Mohahahahahahaha!!! I know I`m nuts, every one think so. HAHAHA!! Sorry, it`s gonna be more chapters, don`t worry.

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