19 years later~Hogwarts

I'm Lily. Lily Luna Potter. My father, Harry Potter, defeated a dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. At Hogwarts, strange things are happening. Everyone is being attacked. Stunned, Full Body Bind curse. And me and Rose are going to find out!!!


4. The Voice and First Day

"Wh-Who's there?" I asked nervously. A boy stepped out of the darkness. "Sc-Scorpius! I, um, I didn't know you were there!" Rose stuttered. She was obviously upset. "I brought you flowers. But I see you can do better." He told Rose. Her face went red. "Look, Scorpius, Rose is tired. Could you come back tomorrow?" I asked Scorpius sweetly. He looked at me. "Ummm, well, I guess so." He nodded. "Bye Rose. Bye..." "Lily." I told him. "Bye Lily." He turned and in a second, he was gone. I looked at Rose. "Victorie's wrong. He's sweet!" I told her. Rose's face relaxed. "Thank god. Don't tell Dad please. He'll disown me." Rose looked at me pleading. 'Ok. Can I go to sleep now?" I layed my head down and went to sleep.


***NEXT DAY***

I woke up to a loud "Where will I put you? GRYFFINDOR!!!!" I jumped up. "Morning Miss Potter. You have been sorted into Gryffindor. Your brothers will be happy." Professor McGonagall stood up and left. "Hello Lily." There was the voice from last night. "SCORPIUS!!!" Rose grinned. "Lily's in Gryffindor." Rose looked at me. "Scorpius in in Slytherin." Suddenly Madam Pomfrey came in. "You are discharged. You may leave. Professor McGonagall has a student to show you around." A pretty girl stepped forward. "My name is Heather. I used to go to Beauxbatons, but I prefer Hogwarts. I'm full veela and I will be showing you around. I'm in Gryffindor too." I like Heather. I followed her through a corridor. "Password's Dilligrout, by the way." Heather informed me. We found a portrait. There was a lady in a pink floaty dress. "I know you! I exclaimed. "You're the fat lady! James told me about you!" The fat lady snorted. "Password?" She asked. "Dilligrout." I replied. She swung open and I stepped inside Gryffindor Tower.

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