19 years later~Hogwarts

I'm Lily. Lily Luna Potter. My father, Harry Potter, defeated a dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. At Hogwarts, strange things are happening. Everyone is being attacked. Stunned, Full Body Bind curse. And me and Rose are going to find out!!!


2. First Glimpse Of The Hogwarts Express

We are at King's Cross. Rose is still babbling, Albus and James are arguing and my owl, Willowings, is hooting. Muggles was staring. "Dad, Mum, will you write to me?" I asked. "Of course, Lily." We approached the barrier and I clutched Rose's arm. "Rose, has anyone ever crashed into this barrier?" I asked cautiously. "Not that I know of, no." Rose replied. Ron snorted. I grabbed Rose's hand and we ran through the barrier together. I winced, waiting for the crash. Nothing. I opened my eyes. There before my very eyes, was the Hogwarts Express. This was the moment I had been waiting for for a long time. "So," Rose asked me, "What do you think?" I looked at her, my eyes sparkling. "I love it, Rose! VICTORIE!!!" I yelled the last word as I ran towards the girl with platinum blonde hair. "Lily! Rose! 'Eet 'as been too long!" Victorie exclaimed. She had a slight French accent, because Fleur was French. Suddenly, Rose giggled and as Victorie looked, she snorted. "You can get much beeter than 'im, Rose!" Victorie had noticed my curiousity. "She likes that boy. The one with my hair. Personally, I think 'e's a nutcase. Rose loves 'im." Rose looked at Victorie, her face red as a tomato. "He's called Scorpius. Scorpius Malfoy. And Victorie, he is NOT a nutcase! he's actually quite nice!" Just then we all heard a voice. "What's this, Rosie? Something about Scorpius Malfoy?" Ron asked. "Weell, Uncle Ron, she loves 'im. She's always goggling at him at 'Ogwarts." Victorie informed her Uncle. "Well," said Ron, his nostrils flaring. "I thi-" he was cut off by Hermione. "Ron! Leave the poor girl alone!" She said it in an almost ordering tone. "Go, Rosie, and find a compartment." Rose nodded. She beckoned for Victorie and I to follow. "C'mon, or all the good one's will be gone." We followed Rose through and found a compartment.  Rose helped me put my bag away and we sat down. I was excited. "Should we open the window to say bye?" I asked Rose and Victorie. "Yeah, of course." I pulled open the window and yelled out to Mum, Dad, Hermione and Ron, "Bye! I'll miss you!" They rushed forward for good-bye kisses and hugs. The train began to move. "Love you!" My mother yelled out. I waved until they were out of sight. "Wow, this is cool!" I exclaimed. Rose beamed at me. "There is a trolley with food on it coming soon. They have Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, Pumpkin Pasties, everything!" Rose's eyes suddenly went out of focus. "Rose, are you ok?'" I asked? "Rosie, aree you okay?" Victorie asked. Then Rose's eyes closed and everything went dark.

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