Catarina Mackenzie Douglas-Tomlinson. Yes, Tomlinson as in Louis Tomlinson from the famous boy band, One Direction. Cat recently got adopted by One Direction and the best part is she hates them with a burning passion! Cat reveals her past to the boys and now that she has, she wishes that she could see that one special person once again. Will the boys help her find that special person or will Cat just see them in her dreams?


3. Shopping and The Girlfriends

Chapter Status: Edited


"Oh my Catsie-poo!" My father called out. He said it to more of a sing-songy way.

My shaky, bony, little hand wiped the hair out of my eyes. "Y-yes dad?" I asked. I tried so very hard to make my voice not sound scared, but being 8 years old, that was very hard to do.

He popped around the corner, scaring the absolute shit out of me. My father had a mischievous grin on his face. This could only mean one thing. He was going to sexually abuse me again today. My father picked me up over my shoulder and carried me into his bedroom. He locked my feet and hands in chains, on a rickety old bed and stripped of all my clothes. He thrusted hard into me and this could only go so far. So far for an 8 year old girl. 

I let out a blood curdling scream as he thrusted deep into me once more. I'd had enough of this shit he was putting me through, he didn't need to do this anymore. "Shut your mouth you slut!" Dad screamed at me. "Do you want the cops to come? Do you!?"

I shook my head, tears streaming down my face. My father kept thrusting in and out of me. Then the door flew open and it was the cops. They pulled my dad off me and arrested him. A nice lady quickly dressed me and led me out. I saw my dad get shoved into the cop car and I saw him mouth: I will find you and I will kill you. I could only let out a deathly scream.

I woke up while screaming my head off and a loud bashing on my bedroom door.

Stupid flashbacks.

It took me a second to realise where I was. I walked over to my bedroom door, unlocked it and opened it. There were five boys standing at my door.

"Oh my god! Cat are you ok?" Zayn cried.

"Uh, yeah I'm ok. Why?" I lied.

"Well you were screaming." Liam said.

"No I wasn't." I said, eyeing Liam.

"Yes you were." He argued back.

"No I wasn't. Now goodbye." I nod, pushing everyone out of the way of my door and then closing the door and locking the door.

Being 3:30 in the morning, I climbed back into bed and snuggled under the covers. I tried to forget my past, not wanting anymore flashbacks. I awoke to the sunlight shining on my face. I must've forgotten to shut the curtains last night. A bad habit of mine.

Checking my iPod touch, the time read 10am It's the very first iPod touch that was released. I guess it's time to get up. I trudged down the stairs and I found the boys pretty much were dressed and ready, they were just eating breakfast.

"Hi Cat!" All boys cheered.

"Sup," I say. "OJ please."

Harry poured me a glass and gave it to me. "Want any breakfast?" He asked.

Ugh, nah.

"Um no please." I say.

"No please?" Louis commented. "And we also want you to meet some people."

Meet people? Who? Are they nice? And yes, no please.

"Uh ok then. Who are they?" I ask.

"Our girlfriends." Harry says.

Whoa, they have girlfriends? I thought some of them were loners for life.

"Oh uh right. I thought you some of you were loners for life." I say.

"Are you going to get dressed?" Liam asked.

I shrugged. "Suppose so."

I ran upstairs to my bedroom and got dressed in my old denim shorts, blue t-shirt and some thongs (flip flops) I found in my bag. I went in my bathroom, brushed my hair and then pulled it into a simple side braid. I brushed my teeth and ran back downstairs. There were ten people downstairs. Five boys and five girls.

"Hi I'm Brooklyn, but call me Brooke." A girl said with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She was Irish so I'm guessing she was Niall's girlfriend. Brooke didn't look that much older than me either. She looked around 16. We hugged and I was introduced to the next person.

"Hello I'm Harry's girlfriend. My name's Sereen." Sereen blushed. She seems kinda shy. She has long, light brown, wavy hair with blue dip dye and hazel eyes.

"Hi I'm Eleanor, Louis girlfriend." We all know what El looks like. So, no need to explain.

"Hey I'm Danielle, Liam's girlfriend." We also know what Dani looks like.

And then last but not least, Perrie Edwards. I was so excited to meet Perrie. She is like my idol.

"Hi I'm Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend." Man, she said hi.

"Hey Perrie." I waved. I said hi to the other the girls, but this was more important because Perrie is amazing. I was trying so hard not to freak out.

"Ok then kids lets go." Louis said.

We all jumped in this massive van and drove to the shops.


"Ugh I'm so pooped!" Sereen moaned.

"I second that." Brooke said, raising her hand.

Yes we have been shopping all day. My feet are so sore. Thongs weren't really the best shoes to wear for all day shopping. We had so many bags it wasn't funny. The boys actually bought me an iPhone 5, a MacBook pro, an iPad, the new iPod touch and an iPod classic plus some iTunes vouchers. They literally spent 3000 pounds in one store on me. I couldn't thank them enough.

"I'm so tired. And hungry. And sore." I sigh.

"I am so hungry!'' Niall shouted.

We ordered some food at this little quaint restaurant. I ordered a chicken salad and a sprite. Perrie also ordered what ordered. In 30 minutes all us humans we finished our food and headed to the van. We all were cracking jokes in the car and before I knew it, we were at the house. Seeing as we were all bored, we decided to put and movie on and then we built like a fort thing outta doonas, pillows and blankets. I was getting so comfortable while watching the movie; so comfortable I fell asleep.


so I promised a chapter and here it is!

everybody's character is now in the story.

they will be featured in upcoming chapters too!

so question of the day: what country do you guys live in?

I live in Australia anybody else share the same country?:) 

I hope you liked this chapter and I'm already working on the next one so it'll hopefully be up soon.





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