Catarina Mackenzie Douglas-Tomlinson. Yes, Tomlinson as in Louis Tomlinson from the famous boy band, One Direction. Cat recently got adopted by One Direction and the best part is she hates them with a burning passion! Cat reveals her past to the boys and now that she has, she wishes that she could see that one special person once again. Will the boys help her find that special person or will Cat just see them in her dreams?


38. "I'm just as confused."

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My eyes went up to the girl the said my name. How did she know my name? Is she a stalker? Is she going to kill me? Is she an assassin? Will this girl take me away and hide from the rest of the world? As silly as I sound right now, theses things could be possible.

The girl looked at me with her icy blue eyes and glares into my blue eyes. Her brown hair fell in front of her face, but she brushed it away quickly. The girl kept looking at me as we stayed in silence.

"How do you know my name?" I asked the girl suspiciously and to obviously break the tension between us and everybody around.

She hesitated before answering, but yet replied to my question, by asking a question. "Don't you remember me?"

Remember? I've never ever met somebody with brown hair and blue eyes before. Have I? No I don't think I have. Was it a family friend? No I've been close with my family ever since mum died. I looked at this girl some more before an answer came to my head.

"E-ebony?" I chocked out.

"Yes! Oh sweet mother of Jesus, I've finally found you!" She breathed out and then giving me a bone-crushing hug. "I thought I lost you when mum died and all of this. I couldn't find you in any orphanage but then one day I was watching the news and your head popped up, saying you'd got adopted by One Direction!"

A chuckle left my mouth and I answered my own sister. "Yeah, I got shipped to London and they adopted me. Why don't you come and meet them?" I asked Ebony.

"Sure! Why not!"

I led Ebony over to the table where the boys were sitting. They were joking around, laughing and having fun. All eyes were on Ebony and I when we sat down at the table.

"Uh Cat, who's this?" Liam asked me while eyeing Ebony to figure out who in the hell she was.

"Guys, I've found Ebony!" I squealed excitedly.

They guys looked at me blankly and confused. Louis and Harry were whispering to each other and I heard Louis whisper: "I'm just as confused."

Confused why were they confused? Didn't they remember who Ebony was? Like c'mon I told them pretty much my whole life story, and they don't remember Ebony!?

"Remember Ebony, my long-lost sister?" I asked them. Sudden realisation hit their faces and then other mixed emotions grew on too. I can't describe how I am feeling right now but I do know that I'm cry happy tears right now.

We stood there for a few minutes, letting the boys recover from what the hell just happened and waited for them to say something but they didn't. They must've been shocked or something but I, once again had to say something and not make it awkward.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" Ebony asked, reading my thoughts.

"Yes, but we're just a bit shocked I suppose Cat and Ebony." Niall pretty much answered for all of the guys and they nodded their heads.

I turned and faced my sister, who was starring off into space. She used to do that a lot and I guess it hasn't changed. I wondered if she was here with anybody, or just coming by herself. She could be here with a friend, but wouldn't she be looking for Ebony now?

Then again, her friends might've been busy today and she's come down here for a while and she could be visiting somebody that lives around here or maybe some shopping. After all, Luna Park is in the city.

"Ebony,'' I started, still turned towards my relative. "Are you here with anyone?"

"Nah, I was heading back to my apartment after here. I live in the city." She simply stated.

Turning to Zayn, I gave him a grin. He looked confused for a moment but then he caught on, whispered to the next boy until it went around the line. Liam, the last person of the line, hesitated for a moment but then answered with a yes.

"Ebony," I said. "Would you like to hang out with us today?"


Hey guys! I am so sorry for not updating fast but I've been so busy and stuff. But I've come down with a cold, cough and ear infection which means I can't go to school so i thought it was a perfect time to update. But, I have some good news and bad news.

Good News: New chapter and you figured out who called Cat.

Bad News: This is the last chapter of the book before the epilogue!

One thing though guys, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your support and everything you have literally kept me motivated to do this and I couldn't thank you enough.

I've decided that I'm going to do a Q&A and Thank You video on YouTube. My YouTube name is Brianna Parker and I'll let you guys know when that's up. To ask questions just comment below, email me at or my which is @briannaparkerc

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