Hushed Screams (A Louis Tomlinson fanfic) ON HIATUS

Abused, bullied, anorexic, yet expected to be perfect. Andrea Russel is abused and bullied, but keeps it all hidden under a mask. A mask everyone is familiar with. A smile. She has an abusive father, and never told a single person. Because if she did, Her life would be on the line...
When a normal day turns into meeting One Direction, everything in her life turns upside down when one boy starts to fall for her.
Louis Tomlinson.
Even though they become best friends, she doesn't tell him about anything. He insists she should tell him, but she doesn't.
Will he be able to save her from the hell she calls "Home"?


9. Chapter 8

(Sorry the chapters are out of number. We used 8 for Amber's intro :D)

P.O.V - Andrea


 I'm dreaming again. I looked at my hands. They were held in Louis'. It was dark, only the stars and the moon lighting the park. We were laughing about something. He picked a flower from the ground and stuck it in my hair. We kissed and sat on the swings, just talking about everything. He stood up, and took my hand to stand me up. He started to say something, Then I heard a gun lock. He turned quick and I saw a dark figure standing a few feet away from us. He quickly pushed me out of the way, and the figure disappeared. I looked over at Louis. He collapsed to the ground with a loud thud. I ran over to him, and started screaming.

"Wake up... Andrea... Babe, wake up..." 

My eyes fluttered open quickly. I saw Louis with a worried look on his face. I felt my cheeks. They were damp. "Are you okay?" He asked. I sat up and nodded. I must have been screaming so much it came out in my sleep. "I had a nightmare" I said rubbing my head. "What happened?" "We. We were at the park. And, we were talking. When someone was watching us. I- I heard a gun lock" I paused to take in a breath and calm down. "I heard a gun lock, and- the gun fired off. And you pushed me out of the way, and- saved me" I almost started crying. Because, it was one of those dreams that just seemed so real. Louis wrapped his arm around me. I calmed down a bit. "Are you hungry?" He asked. "A little" I said. He helped me up and we ate cereal in the kitchen. I sat in the kitchen while he was in the living room, talking on the phone with someone. About 20 minutes later, there was a knock at the door. I turned my attention to the door. The boys,Perrie, and Danielle walked in. Louis called me to the living room. I'm terrible in social situations. I got scared. Louis walked over to me. "You coming?" He asked. He held out his hand to help me up. I hesitated, but took it. He led me to the living room. My stomach lurched as all eyes were on me. He introduced me to Perrie and Danielle. They responded with hugs. He told me that he and the boys are gonna record today and Perrie and Danielle offered to take me shopping. I haven't been shopping in a while. Well, with other people anyways. I remember when my mom took me shopping. My reality blurred for a second from the memory. "Hon, are you okay?" Perrie asked. I nodded. "I don't think i should  be wearing pajamas while shopping" I thought. I looked down at my shirt, still stained with blood, and my shorts. Danielle whispered something to Perrie. "I think i have some clothes in the car you can borrow" Perrie said. She ran to her car, and came back with a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I went to the bathroom and changed into the clothes. I walked back out. Louis gave me a goodbye hug, and left with the rest of the boys while me,Perrie, and Danielle walked to the car. I sat in the back. The car ride was filled with awkward silences. Like I said, I'm horrible in social situations. We finally pulled up to the mall, and walked in. The mixture of the nail salon, food court, and perfume shops mixed together into an intoxicating smell. We walked all around the shops. I started getting a bit more closer to them. I got a little more social. We laughed a lot. I figured out that me, Danielle, and Perrie have a lot in common. I like to sing; Like Perrie. And i like to dance; like Danielle. We were sitting on a bench outside a store, just talking. Suddenly, a bunch of fans started swarming around us. I got scared. Danielle looked at me and saw it too. We picked up our bags while Perrie and Danielle tried to get me out of the crowd of girls grabbing at us. I felt like I was about to pass out. Finally, before i did, we made it to the car and got in. "Are you alright?" Danielle asked. I nodded. "Can we drive to my old house really quick?" I asked. I was happy that i had new clothes, but i like my other clothes too. "Is your dad there?" She asked. I checked the time, and shook my head. She nodded and I told her my address. We slowly pulled up to the house, and my dad's car wasn't there. I sighed in relief. I quickly climbed up to my window and opened it. I grabbed everything i owned and put them in bags. I stared at the empty room. "Good fucking riddance" I said, grabbing the bags and climbing back down. I put my bags with the rest of my shopping bags and got in the car. We started to drive out of the neighborhood, and that's when I saw my dad's car turn down the street. "Hide!' Perrie yelled. I unbuckled my seat belt and hid in the little part where your feet go. We waited till he drove by and out of sight. "Okay. Coast is clear" Danielle said. I got back into my seat, and put my seat belt back on. We drove back to Louis' Apartment. I grabbed all of my shopping bags and my bags from my room and walked up to his door with Perrie and Danielle. I knocked on the door, and Niall opened the door. The boys were all playing FIFA (A soccer game). I put all my bags down by the door. They asked us if we wanted to play. We nodded, and took turns playing. About an hour later, everyone left. I asked Louis if he could drive me to Macie's house. I haven't seen her in a while. We got in the car and started driving to her house. I dialed her number and waited for her to pick up. When she answered, She sniffled.

"Hey Andy"

"Hey! I'm on my way to see youuuu"

"No! I mean- You can't come.  My parents aren't home"

"Macie, your scaring me"

She sighed

Then she whispered into the phone

"I'm sorry.."

And the line went dead.

My stomach lurched. "Louis, step on it" I said, fear taking over my voice. The car began going faster. We finally got to Macie's house. I quickly opened the car door, and ran up to the front door, Louis trailing behind me. I pounded my fists on the door. "Macie? Macie please open the door." I said. Suddenly, I heard glass shatter upstairs. I swung the front door open and ran up to her room. Her door was locked. "Louis help" I said. Her parents drove up in the driveway. Louis kicked the door open. I ran in. "No... MACIE!" I cried. I fell to my knees and started crying.

She hung herself.

Louis fell next to me and held me tight in his lap while I cried. Macie's parents walked in. "Oh my god!!" Her mom screamed. Her dad took her down, and checked her pulse. 


It only made me cry harder. Her parents held her body close to them while I grabbed Macie's hand and held it tight. It was getting cold. I looked around her room, my vision blurry from my tears. I saw a piece of paper with my name on it. I wiped away my tears, picked it up, and read it.

It read:

"Dear Andy,

 If your reading this,  I'm so sorry. 

I guess now is the time I should tell you everything...

So, here it goes...

Ever since my first year of High school, bullies were everywhere.

They followed me home... They beat me up in school... Everything...

I self harmed for 3 years... Then I moved here, and met you...

You made me feel worth it again. I thought when i moved here that everything would go away.

I was wrong...

Kelly found me, and saw me as another weak target.

She started bullying me. I never showed my weakness.

But today was the last straw..

I was at the park, Kelly and her group came over to me and beat me up. 

They made me feel worthless, like I should have never been born. 

I just broke today. I couldn't help it... 

I'm sorry, Andy...

I'll miss you, and i'll never forget you...

Thank you for being there...



I dropped the paper, hands trembling. I went over to Macie's body, and flipped over her wrists. My heart broke at the sight of her scars. How could i not have noticed? The room was silent. "I'm sorry" I whispered. I held Macie's hand and laid my head on her stomach.

Kelly is going to pay...


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