Changed My Life

There's always a few ways you can live your life. For Victoria,her life was a little different for an 18 year old girl. Apparently that all changes when she meets Niall Horan...


1. Meet Me

Hiiiii.My name is Victoria.Victoria Brooks. I am a fan of One Direction but I'm not the kind to scream and stalk them whenever they are around. I live in London and I work at Nandos.

I have my own appartment and I have a cat named Fuzzy. She is a black and white kitten and she's ADORABLE.

My parents died in a plane crash almost a year ago when I was seventeen. I always cry when people bring that up,but that's not a big problem. In school I never had friends because I was always bullied for being "fat" or because of being a "nerd". But the one that bothered me the most is when they called me ugly.Which I am but them agreeing and reminding me every day just went too far. When my parents first died,somehow the school found out and then they bullied me for THAT.People say that cutting helps make the pain go away.No.It doesnt. I have three scars on my left wrist and three on my right.

I cuss a little. Its normal for a 18 year old so give me a break.Its rare for me to cuss so I think we will be fine.

Well thats all you have to know about me so bye!

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