Falling For Him Again

"why didnt you tell me i had a daughter" he said "i was going to tell but i came into your house and saw you snogging another girl and... you now what harry just stay out of my daughters life and mine" and with that i walked back to the lads and girls.


3. chapter 2:Meeting Eleanor Again

~Alex`s POV~

i woke up and saw Darcy already awake watching T.V. i was about to say something to Darcy when the pilot said to buckle our seatbelts because we are going to land so i buckled Darcy up and myself when we felt the plane land. we got out of the plane and there were a lot of paparazzi and snapping pictures i covered Darcy because the media doesnt know about her they kept asking me questions like "Alex who is this your carrying" or "Alex why are you in london" or "Are you doing a movie over here" and other questions that are so stupid. when we were out of the paparazzi i found my name to the car. i got into the car to find Darcy crying "shh..whats wrong Darcy" i asked her "M-Mommy i D-Don`t like the Papawazzi" she said i felt so bad for her i calmed her down by singing to her. we got to the house Eleanor came out And came up to hug me i hugged back me and Eleanor have been friends since we were babys but i left but we kept in contact by robert "Alex how are you doing and who is this little munckin" i havent told her about Darcy "hey Eleanor im doing well and this is Darcy Ann Marshall my daughter" i said she was shocked "who`s the dad" she asked i gulped and said "Harry before you ask yes from the boyband your boyfriends in and there really good friends and i was only sixteen years old when it happen i was going to tell him when i found him snogging another girl in his house when i came in since he gave me a key and i left so here i am now going to tell him he has a daughter robert told me to and there manger told me is a good idea that he knows that he has a daughter and that they should hang out but i thought it was a bad idea because i dont want Darcy in the media because they dont know about her yet" i said catching my breath she looked shocked then said "oh alex i am so sorry i didnt know so when are you going to tell harry" she asked "i dont know" i said "why dont you tell him tomorrow when we you meet the lads or at the concert" Eleanor said "okay but let me warn you Darcy is a really huge fan" i said then we both went inside and i got settled in the house was very big it had an indoor pool a gym a nice kitchen a maid that is really nice and there is an elevator to different rooms like an art room a set were you can study and a music room and alot of other things in the house i can name but that will take a while after i unpacked i went to sleep and so did Darcy.

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