Falling For Him Again

"why didnt you tell me i had a daughter" he said "i was going to tell but i came into your house and saw you snogging another girl and... you now what harry just stay out of my daughters life and mine" and with that i walked back to the lads and girls.


14. Chapter 12: The Wedding Part 1

Hey sorry i haven`t written in awhile i was busy with all of my homework and doing a lot of projects  and i will make this chapter as good as i can well back to reality enjoy the story <3

*Alex`s POV*
I woke up this morning thinking 'I`m getting married today' i just couldn't believe that my wedding day is already here i would be with harry forever  more like Eternally i got up from my bed and went to the bathroom and did my business i then changed into black yoga pants and a blue tank top with my cardigan and went downstairs to smell "food" i got to the kitchen to see all the girls there with Darcy drinking blood and all i decided to go behind perrie and jade since the whole group was here and jump out saying"BOO" they both screamed i just started laughing they playfully glared at me "hey you cant get mad at the girl thats getting married today" then they both had big grins on there faces i just smiled and went to the fridge and got my drink "Mummy am i going to be in the wedding" darcy asked "yes you are darcy your going to be the flower girl" she looked confused "sweetie the flower girl is were you get to throw flowers on the ground gently" i guess she got the idea beacuse the confusion in her face is gone, "so at what time are we going to get you ready" Jesy asked "well what time is it now" i asked "well it is 9:30 and the wedding starts at 11:00 and the reception starts at 1:00 and ends till the vampires get tired of the wedding." Jade said i nodded and said "okay so we can get me ready now or at 10:00 which ever time you want" the girls glanced at each other and yelled "WE ARE GETTING YOU READY NOW" i had to cover my ears and nodded and said "okay lets do it."

* Jake`s POV*
i was spying on Alex i was going to ruin her wedding today she does not know what is coming after.

*Harry`s POV*
I was really nervous for my wedding today i think the boys noticed because niall said "Mate everything is going to be okay" i nodded i was getting ready for the wedding i had to be there before alex at least she was going to be with me forever or Eternally and then we will wont have to worry about anything hopefully.

~The Wedding~

*Alex`s POV*
I was getting ready to walk out the doors with robert since he was the only thing close to a father "Alex your look very beautiful today your father would have been proud of you" robert said i smiled and said "Dad would be proud of you to because of how much you took care of me as your own daughter." he smiled and then we heard the music playing which was "Little Things" the doors opened to see everyone standing and i see all the girls at the front already as well as the boys then i saw harry i smiled at him and he smiled back me and robert started walking and we finally got to the front of the church robert gave my hand to harry and gave me a kiss on the cheek then said to harry "you take care of her if you dont i will hunt you down and hurt you really badly" then harry said "i promise i will never hurt her" he nodded and then went to go sit down i smiled at harry he smiled back "everybody please be seated" the preist said......"does anyone have something to say why this lovely couple shoudnt get married" i looked at the church when the presit was about to say something someone said "I up ject" i froze at the voice it couldnt be.................it was



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