Adopted By Simon - Harry fan fic -

Ello there! Im Alex! I've just went to this adoption center in London. It's not bad i made friends. The reason why i am here, i don't want to say. One day i was walking around the adoption center when Garriyn and Christy, I call them Grant and Doug, come up to me saying that 1D tweeted they were near the center. We loved them so much. But we knew we would never meet them.... Until that day came, it changed everyones life forever. Especially mine!


19. Your Gone....


I felt someone shaking me awake. It was 5:31 A.M, and there was barely light out of the window and you could hear birds chirping. "Harry.... come out to the hall for a minute." I groaned then carefully got up and headed to the hallway, closing the door behind me. "Why are we up so early??" Louis didn't look happy, "We have to leave." We all felt like water was just dumped in our faces. "What do you mean leave?" I asked. "Simon wants us going to New York.... but...." We all stared waiting for what "but" meant. "He wants Alex to stay." I felt like i got slapped in the face. "Your kidding right?! I just got her back last night.... why?" He sighed. "He doesn't want her up there, were going to be gone for a long time.... 1 month." My jaw dropped open. He hugged me and told us to get packing, i walked to my room and packed everything quickly then sat on my bed, looking at the ceiling and wall. I had pictures of me and Alex. Everywhere we went we always had a camera. I felt like someone punched me in the face at every picture i looked at. I didn't want to leave Alex. I looked at picture of Niall and Zayn covered in lipstick....

"Harry!!" Alex yelled and i quickly ran in. "What?!" "They are tickling me get them to stop!" I quickly got them off her and i just sat there on her bed smiling. "We will get you when Harry isn't around." Niall said and they left. "You shouldn't have done that. You started a pranking war." I said rubbing my eyes.....

Then i looked to one where we found out she could sing......

I woke up to an irish man shaking me up. "Your girl can SING." He showed me the video, i was shocked. "She can sing!!" When we looked for her we couldn't her, we thought she might be in the pool and when we got closer..... she got us wet! "ALEX!" We yelled. "Whoops." We ran inside so we could swim too. When we bumped into the other lads, who were also getting their swim trunks. "LET'S GO OLD MEN!" They laughed and w ran out the door and jumped in. "Why do you love that small chair?" I whined. making everyone laugh.......

I stayed laying there for an hour before Louis came in asking if i was ready. "One minute... please." He nodded and i looked at the picture from when we first saw her.....

"LADS STOP!" He yelled. "Simon... er dad.. please tell me that's not one direction." He laughed and moved, we first laid eyes on her, we were confused. "Oh... My... God... i must be seeing and hearing things!" "You a fan love?" I asked her. "YES! Er.... i mean... yes." We all just laughed.

I started to silently cry. I grabbed my bags and grabbed a piece of notebook paper and wrote and tapped to Alex's door.

Alex love, i was woken up about an hour ago... 5:31..... i just found out we are leaving to New York and we wont be back for a month. Im as heart broken as you will be soon, i want you to play the wii and try beating my ghost, watch movies, and do anything that reminds you of me or the lads. I love you like crazy and i want to come back seeing you healthy and fine. I love you to death... Simon will be with us of course... you call me when you get up... i will miss you like crazy.

Love, ~Harry Styles <3

After i put that up i wiped my tears and walked in there and kissed her forehead lightly, then walked back and shut the door quietly, and out to the limo. I stared out the window and i could tell the lads could see i was slowly breaking...


It was 10:25 A.M and Harry wasn't laying there anymore. I shrugged it off and grabbed my phone and looked through my messages and calls. None. I put my phone in my pocket and got dressed into sweats that i made saying "I wuv Harry Styles" and a white tank top. After i brushed my hair, teeth, and did what i had to do, i headed to my door and i saw the note. When i was done reading it i quickly pulled my phone out of my pocket and called him. 1 ring.... 2ring.... 3ring..... "Ello?" "Harry... why didn't you wake me up?" I heard him sniffling. "I had no choice." I was biting the inside of my cheek, i could taste the blood flowing into my mouth. "Harry why?" I let the tears slowly fall down my face. "I-i couldn't help that at all." I wanted to just run out the door and head to New York. "Why wouldn't he let me go with you?" "I don't know.... last time he knew we were broken up." Then i heard the phone being moved around, "Love... it's Louis. You alright?" "No... i-i wanted to see him before he left." Then i fell to the floor and started crying. I heard Louis say i was crying. "Love? It's Zayn, were really sorry." "Whatever! I wanted to see him.... i got to go i can't talk." Then i hung up. I cried for hours.... but i finally i guess fell asleep on the floor...

The Last couple of weeks have been killing me. I just found out Harry was flirting with other girls. He hasn't been calling at all since he left, and i have just been playing mario cart and racing Harry's ghost, i can never beat that thing! But i kept waiting for my phone to ring, nothing. Some nights i slept in Harry's bed when ever i wanted to feel like i was with him. The next day i was playing mario cart and i actually beat Harry's ghost! "HA HARRY!!!" I looked to my left, he wasn't there. I took a picture of the screen. I called Niall. Ring1.... ring2..... "Niall?" "Hey.." "What's Harry doing...." In the background i heard sex noises. "He's... in the background... isn't he?" "Yea..." I felt like i was stabbed in the heart. "Niall put him on the phone... now." He did and Harry answered. "Hello love!" I rolled my eyes. "Hi." "I've missed you like crazy.." Lies. "Yea... so that's why you were having sex with some girl in the background?" He was silent, "I can't believe you would have sex with another girl... last time i checked we were still together!" He handed the phone off, "It's Liam, were actually on our way back to the house!!! We Will be there in 5 hours." "Well i dont want to see Harry.." "Why?" "He's been cheating." Then i hung up the phone.

5 hours later

I heard the door open and the lads running up the stairs, all but Harry came in, and hugged me. After 5 minutes of that.. "Harry is really sorry....." Louis said.  "After i found out you guys left i cried the rest of the night and cried myself to sleep, i have been missing him for 2 weeks, then i hear him having sex and i know he has been flirting with other girls." They all sat there awkwardly. Then i left and went to Harry's room, kissing another girl. "Fuck you Harry!" Then i slammed the door. He came running out. "I never wanted to be with her i swear!!!!"


I really fucked up this time. "I never wanted to be with her i swear!!!!" "Whatever Harry, that the girl u had sex with?" I nodded ashamed.... "Fuck off Styles!!" Then the girl walked out. "Get the fuck out of here you slut." Alex said and she just ran out of the house. "I can't believe you. And to think i loved you. Then she walked away and slammed the door. I FUCKED THINGS UP SO MUCH!!!!!!

I sat there crying the rest of the night....


We were both still laying beside each other, we both shot up looking at each other hearts racing, looking at out surroundings. "Did we just have the..." Alex started. "Same dream?" Harry ended. They both looked wide eyed at each other. We were both just dreaming this crazy shit.

How can we even have the same damn dream?!?!?!?! glad... it was sleep.


Didn't expect that ending now did ya?? WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! i am just a bitch like that. Well i hope you liked the chapter....

okay so after school im going to stay at school soon because im joining K.A.Y and ART club!!! omfg they look so much fun.

I was going to join science club because next year we get to go to Florida !!!!

Oh well.... well bye for now and yaaaaaaaa


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