Adopted By Simon - Harry fan fic -

Ello there! Im Alex! I've just went to this adoption center in London. It's not bad i made friends. The reason why i am here, i don't want to say. One day i was walking around the adoption center when Garriyn and Christy, I call them Grant and Doug, come up to me saying that 1D tweeted they were near the center. We loved them so much. But we knew we would never meet them.... Until that day came, it changed everyones life forever. Especially mine!


3. Getting to know the lads more


It was seven in the morning when i woke up. I looked at all the lads sleeping on my floor. I smiled to myself and looked at my door and saw si- err dad standing there. I got up and carefully stepped out there. " Have a good night sleep?" " Yea, just weird and new still." He just laughed. " The lads being nice?" " Ya, but i don't know why they all slept in there last night." He sighed. "Do you want them to leave you alone?" "No! That's not what i meant. They are my idols and i can't believe i can be with them all the time now..." With that we both ate in awkward silence until he asked me a question. "Do you like any of them?" I looked at my bowl and smiled, "Harry and Niall." He just nodded and went to do whatever he was doing. I sat there for a while and i was starting to fall asleep until i heard footsteps coming down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Hello love!" Harry said waving at me. "Hi." I said awkwardly. I was with Harry! Exciting right?! I just sat there messing with my hair while Harry was eating some cereal. I was almost out of the room when he said something. "Why are you leaving?" I turned around blushing a little bit. "I umm.... I don't know...." He just smiled. "You're really shy you know." I just smiled and sat back at the chair. "Soon you'll be chatting away, just not used to being here yet." He said i was just starring at him. I loved his hair, his face, lips... "Love? You alright?" I snapped out of my trance and i just stood up quickly. " I um.... need to.... take a shower!" With that i ran into my room forgetting the lads were laying there and i fell on top of them. They yelped in pain. I got up carefully. "Sorry!" They just looked at me. I blushed and grabbed some clothes from my closet and went to the bathroom at the end of the hall. I Just stood there for a while, i made a fool out of myself. After about 15 minutes i finally shampooed and conditioned my hair then i shaved. After that i dried of and got into my clothes, a cute orange tank top and black skinny jeans with some knock off zebra print sperries. Then i dried my hair a little and let it air dry. i sat in there for about 40 minutes.


When i woke up Alex did to, i just kept my eyes closed. She just smiled looking at all of us then left the room her and Simon were talking. Then when they went down the stairs i quietly got up and went to use the restroom. When i was done i went down and headed to the kitchen. She was just sitting there so i said hello to her. "Hi." She responded quietly. I got some cereal and we sat there awkwardly. Then she got up to leave. "Why are you leaving?" "I umm..... I don't know...." I just smiled. "You're really shy you know." She just came and sat in the chair again. Then she was starring at me. "Love? You alright?" "I um..... need to..... take a shower!" Then she ran off. I just laughed and i heard a thud and some of the lads whining. I put my bowl up and went back into her room. "Why are you guys complaining?" Louis sat up rubbing his eyes. "She ran in and fell on all of us!" I laughed and they threw their pillows at me. "What? At least i didn't have her fall on me." They all glared at me and i left to go to my room. About an hour later Alex came out of the bathroom. "I love that tank top." I said, she just smiled and quietly said "Thanks." Then she rushed down the stairs, i followed. "Love it's not like im going to kill you or something when you talk to me." She just half smiled and sat on the couch. "Tell me about your self. What did you do before you were put into the adoption center." She sighed and looked at her feet. "I was happy. Being with Da....." She just trailed off. "What's wrong?" I asked concerned. "I miss my Da." She looked at me with a tear streaming down her face. "Please don't cry, i hate seeing girls cry." She just wiped her tears away. "What happened to him?" "He died in his car... Got shot, stabbed, or whatever." "Sorry... what about your mum?" She just stared at the mirror looking at me. "She died when she was giving birth to my sister, who also died in the process." I felt sorry for her.


I couldn't fall back asleep thanks to Alex falling on me and i guess the lads were the same. "We should go and find them." They laughed and agreed. We quietly walked down near the kitchen. No one was there. Then we saw them in the living room and she was crying? "Harry what did you do?" I asked making him jump. "Nothing!" I just glared at him and walked over to her. The others followed. "What's wrong then?" "She misses her dad and mum." Harry said looking at her. "Love can't you visit?" She looked up at me. "No! Their dead!" Then she just slowly got up and walked to the kitchen. We of course followed. "I didn't mean to make you more upset..." She turned to me, "It's fine." She wiped her tears away. She just sat at the table messing with her hair. We all looked at each other then we sat down. "Well do you want to know stuff about us?" She just nodded. "Well what do you want to know?" She was quiet for a moment then she asked. "Niall, where is nandos?" He just laughed. "You want to try some?" She smiled and nodded. "Well i guess we are going to Nandos!" I said then she said, "More like Nialldos." We laughed and headed there. We ordered food and we took it home to eat. "This is good." We all nodded and ate. When we were done she still had questions. "Louis, you still dating Eleanor?" "Yes. Why?" She just shrugged. "When will i meet her?" "I don't know, if you want to i can call her down. Maybe even Zayn can invite Perrie." She nodded and we decided to call them. "Eleanor is on her way." I said smiling. "Perrie can't tonight but maybe next week." She just nodded.


I was sitting there waiting for Eleanor to show up. I heard she's really nice. Then there was a knock on the door and Louis ran to the door. Then they both walked into the kitchen hand in hand. "Eleanor i like you to meet Alex, Simon's daughter!" "Nice to meet you." We shook hands and she said, " I didn't know he had a daughter." "He adopted me..." She smiled and nodded. The boys had to leave and Eleanor said she would stay here with me. They said bye and we were just sitting there. "You want to go shopping?" "Sure." With that we left to the mall. All i bought was a couple pairs of skinny jeans and tank tops, while Eleanor bought a lot of clothing and shoes. "You sure you just want that?" I thought about it then.." Can we stop by Journeys?" "Of course love." Then we bought some sandals and Osiris high tops. When we were about to the car some paps were taking pics of us. I just hurried into the car after helping her with her bags. "Well, that was the paps. You should get used to that, also soon should be some fans." I just nodded. When we got home the lads were sitting in the movie room watching Toy Story. She ran in there and i just quickly went to my room and put my stuff up. I didn't really want to hang out with anyone. Then i heard someone knock at my door. "Come in." It was Liam. "Why didn't you come in and say hi?" He asked. "I don't know. You guys were busy watching a movie..." "Yea but you could have joined us, El did." I just layed down and looked at the ceiling. "Well if you want to join us come down." Then he left. I just sat there, i looked at my clock it was only two in the afternoon. I decided to take a nap.

5 Hours later . . . .

I must have been really tired, i didn't mean to sleep that long. I wasn't hungry at all so i just grabbed my book from my book shelf and read it. About 30 minutes later i heard someone softly knock on my door. "Come in." It was Harry. "Love why aren't you down stairs. Your dad was getting worried since you didn't come for dinner." "I just woke up a few ago, and im not hungry." "Do you have a twitter?" I looked at him weird. "No..." "Do you want a new phone.... you can keep that one if you want.." I looked to my phone and i really didn't want to but i will keep it. " Yea sure." "What kind of a phone?" "Galaxy SII" With that he went and bought one and got it all made for me, even a twitter. I had 200 followers. "Thanks Harry." An i gave him a hug, but i didn't pull out of the hug and he didn't either. I then let go and turned and sat on the bed. "Your welcome, the lads want to sleep in here again." I laughed and said ok. Then i changed into my Sweats and green tank top and i wated for them to come in. "Please don't step on us again!" Zayn said laughing, making everyone else laugh. "I didn't mean to, i forgot you were there." After they got all ready they laid own and fell asleep besides Harry, who was looking up at me. I just half smiled and turned facing the other way. "Don't get your hopes up, he doesn't like you and you know that. He's THE Harry Styles." I said to myself and fell asleep.


Well im in the updating mood, so ya... Hope you enjoy.


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