The Secret of the Founders: Book 1 in The Founders Descendants Trilogy

Barrett Ross wishes to find out the secret of his parents life, death, and who is responsible for their passing.
Leila Moore wishes to find out the secret of the man she always sees in the shadows no matter how far she runs.
Cornelia Sawyer wishes to find out the secret of the visions she can't control of a battle at a mysterious castle in ruins.
Saber Thomas wishes to find out the secret of the dark power his sister always said he had and how he can stop it from hurting others.
They are all the Descendants of the most powerful witches and wizards in history -- the founders of Hogwarts and they are now part of a prophecy that could bring glory to the Wizarding World, or destroy it.
Will they find out the Secret of the Founders before it's too late?


6. Leila

Leila Moore; she was the light of everyone's day at Miss Dubbs orphanage. At the bright age of six, she was already taking on multiple responsibilities at the orphanage that helped in nurturing the other children. Every other day she helped serve lunch to everyone, every night she helped tuck in the younger children by telling them stories, and even gave medicine to the children when they were sick. In fact, being a nurse was one of her favorite pastimes. But her biggest and most important responsibility she had was being Barrett Ross' conscience.

         You see, as Leila and Barrett grew up, they began to become good friends. Not even a month after Barrett had first arrived at the orphanage did he do his first act of mischief. A small puppy had gotten in through the fence in the orphanage's yard. Leila thought that the puppy would cheer Barrett up since he was missing his parents, so she snuck it into his dorm. The next day, Barrett released the puppy in the kitchen and it made a mess that I'm sure is still being cleaned up to this day.

         Leila of course covered for Barrett knowing that she wouldn't get in as much trouble as the young boy would. And ever since that moment they've been friends in everything.

    It had been a couple years since the first prank that Barrett pulled, but it certainly wasn’t the last. The rush that Barrett got from creating elaborate schemes and seeing them unfold before his eyes was like nothing that Leila had ever seen. His smile grew two times it’s normal size and didn’t shrink back down until hours later. Barrett’s eyes also always lit up every time one of his conniving tricks worked, and Leila swore that she saw them change colors once or twice.

    In fact, many times throughout the years the two had known each other, Leila seemed to catch glances of Barrett’s physical description changing right in front of her eyes. Sometimes it was simple things such as an extra freckle or a new haircut that had come out of nowhere. However, Leila knew what she saw and began to believe that perhaps she wasn’t the only one with mysterious powers that they couldn’t control.

    Funny enough, the day that we continue their story is on June 21st, 2035, the descendants’ seventh birthday.

    Both Leila and Barrett found the fact that their birthdays were the same as just another cool thing that made them better friends. Basically, being kids, they didn’t really care to think about the reasoning behind it.

    But for the past few years, both children woke up early in the morning so that they could prepare a surprise for the other. This year was no different.

    Leila woke up at six o'clock sharp to start making her birthday surprise for Barrett. She quickly snatched a slightly-torn piece of notebook paper out from the drawer in her bedside table and ran out of her dorm room in a rush. Leila then hurriedly began to scurry down one flight of stairs after the other.

    At one point, before she went down past the entrance hall, she caught a glance of Barrett carrying a box of colorful items in preparation for his own surprise. Leila smiled with glee and then continued her way to the basement.

    When she reached the lowest level in the establishment, she scrambled in the kitchen where Miss Angeline was waiting for her.

    Miss Angeline was the head cook at the orphanage and had grown very fond of the little-blonde haired girl through the years. Leila’s huge dopey grin had always seemed to brighten the woman’s day as in turn her heavy southern accent delighted Leila. So she was more than happy to help the girl with Barrett’s birthday surprise.

    “Hello Miss Angeline!” Leila exclaimed as she gave the woman a big hug. “Thank you for helping me today.”

    The woman laughed and got down to Leila’s level. “No problem, peaches. Are you ready to make that cake?”

    Leila quickly nodded and pulled out the wrinkled piece of paper out of her pocket. She opened it up as she sweetly asked, “Can it look like this?” The paper had a scribbled drawing of an elaborate cake that only a child could imagine.

“It has five layers stacked on top of each other and each layer is one of Barrett’s favorite colors and it’s an ice cream cake made out of Barrett’s favorite ice cream flavors except for the top one which is vanilla and that’s Barrett’s favorite and the cake needs to have a hole in the middle so I can pop out of the cake and yell SURPRISE!” Leila described all in one breath.

Miss Angeline laughed and said, “I don’t know if we can make it that elaborate… but we can sure try!”

And so, the next few hours went by, full of much icing, batter, and a mess even bigger than the dog incident. But the ending result was worth it. Sure, it wasn’t exactly what Leila had originally envisioned, but she was sure that they created a masterpiece.

The cake had only two layers and was simply made of vanilla. But Miss Angeline had found a large amount of rainbow icing and sprinkles so Leila was able to go all out. The rainbows made it all worth it.

When they were finally finished, Leila stepped back and said, “Oh, Miss Angeline… I love it!” She jumped around the room before she once again gave the woman a big hug.

Miss Angeline smiled and said, “I’m glad Leila. Now let’s get this cake upstairs before it’s too late!”

They slowly balanced the cake up the many flights of stairs until they got to the cafeteria area. However, as soon as the two began to set down the cake, Leila heard a loud BOOM echo throughout the building.

Leila rolled her eyes as if the sound was just an inconvenience. “Let me go check on Barrett…”

She knew it was a surprise but as multiple kids also began to come towards the noise, Leila figured she could see her surprise without Barrett spotting her. And so, Leila followed the small crowd of kids who began to fill up the entrance hall. She began to hear the voices of multiple children come from the large room.

When Leila walked in, she saw huge confetti cannons spread throughout the room along with decorations covering almost everything. She gasped in awe before remembering she couldn’t let Barrett know she was here. From the remote he held in his hands that controlled the confetti cannons, to the huge amount of color and detail put into the decorations in the room, Leila could tell that Barrett worked hard on his surprise this year.

“Sorry everyone for the loud noise!” Barrett apologized to the crowd. “That was just one of the cannon blasts for Leila’s birthday surprise…”

The many kids who were out of bed began to bicker since many of them were still quite tired. This bickering began to get louder and louder which caused many other kids to wake up and add to the noise. Before long, the noise level had almost grew to the sound of the first cannon blast.

Suddenly, Miss Dubbs stomped into the room in fury and shouted, “QUIET!”

Barrett gasped and dropped the confetti cannon remote in surprise. All of a sudden, many huge cannon blasts echoed across the room and confetti sprinkled everywhere.

Everyone began to cheer and clap at the sight, but all that Leila could hear was someone crying in anguish somewhere in the room. She began to push her way through the crowd as the cries became louder and louder.

Eventually more and more people began to notice the wailing noise that came from someone in the room.

Leila eventually caught sight of the young teenage boy whose leg had been broken, probably from standing too close to one of the confetti cannons. The young girl then sat next to the boy and held his hand. His wailing immediately stopped and he began to take deep breaths as if he couldn’t even feel the pain.

Leila then slowly yet effortlessly moved his leg back into place as if she was putting back together a puzzle. However, once the boy’s bones had been clicked back into their proper places, Leila began to get light headed and started breathing short breaths.

All of a sudden, Barrett rushed over and tried to help Leila up. The last thing that Leila remembered was seeing all the color vanish from Barrett’s body. His skin became as pale as snow and his freckles completely disappeared. His eyes became gray and colorless while even his bright red hair became a withered color.

Then everything became blackness.

When she woke back up, Leila lay in the infirmary of the orphanage, Barrett with a slice of his uneaten surprise birthday cake at his side.

“Your hair is back,” Leila said softly with a smile.

Barrett turned towards her in surprise and smiled his boyish grin. “Well look who decided to wake up!” he laughed as they gave each other a big hug.

When he sat back down in his seat, Barrett realized just what Leila had actually said. “Oh yeah, about that hair thing-”

“Can you do magic?” Leila interrupted. “Cause if you can and that’s not just some weird hallucination I’m having, then maybe that means I can too. I’ve been doing some weird stuff lately because I think I healed someone and then I blacked out and now I don’t know anymore-”

“Shhhhhhhhh…” Barrett said with a small smile. This was something he had to do often. He slowly nodded as he handed her another piece of the birthday cake. Leila’s eyes lit up at the fact that both the friends could perhaps do magic and the cake she now had to eat.

And so, the two friends ate in happiness knowing that perhaps a life beyond their wildest dreams lay in front of them. If only they knew the consequences that came with it.  

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