Taking A Risk

Caroline and Adriana have known each other forever and are best friends. They do everything together. So its only natural for Caroline to join Adriana's family when they take a trip to Italy. While they're on the trip Caroline's feelings for Adriana's older brother, Chris, become known to him.


1. Big News


"Alright, alright. I'll walk over right now." I huffed. Adriana and I have lived next door  to each other since we were in preschool. We're still the best of friends going into Junior year. In reality the only difference between us is our looks. We acted the same, we were both complete drama queens.

I slide my grey vans on, pull my long red hair into a ponytail and quickly walk over to Adri's house. As soon as i walk in the door i dart up the stairs to her room. Shes there laying down looking at something on her laptop, her long dark brown hair in a huge messy bun. I decide to surprise Adri by jumping on her bed. 

"There you are! What took you so long?" She asks

"Sorry, traffic." 

"Well now miss smarty pants. If i were you i wouldn't be so sassy your best friend ..WHO IS TAKING YOU TO ITALY FOR THE ENTIRE SUMMER!" She shouts starting to bounce up and down on her bed. 

"WHAT? thats the news?" I scream, completely in shock

 "Yeah! My mom got the ok from your parents and everything." She starts to giggle as i stand up on her bed and jump up and down.

"We are going to meet so many hot guys! Think of all the possibilities" She shouts as we are now both jumping up and down on here bed. 

"I can't even believe this! Its amazing" i say as she climbs off the retrieving something from her bag. She pulls out two plane tickets. 

"Here" she says handing me one "we'll be leaving in two days"

"Ok i better get packing then!! You are the bestest friend ever!" I give her a quick hug as i run back to my house.


Adriana and I are all packed and waiting at the airport with her mom, dad, and brother Chris. Chris looks extremely cute today. He's a senior and is completely drop dead gorgeous. Being perfectly honest I've always had a big crush on him. His shaggy brown hair was perfectly hung right above his brown eyes. But i can't think like that. I mean Adri's family is basically my family. That would be gross...wouldn't it? Before i have anymore time to dwell on the thought our flight is starting to board.

I was sitting between Chris and Adriana while their parents sat a few rows back. Adriana is fast asleep. I sigh turning to Chris who just laughs.

"Every plane ride" he says laughing, his dimples popping up. Could he be any cuter?

"Oh trust me i know. I wish i could sleep as much as she does." i say shaking my head

"You know, Caroline, you've really grown this year" he says, looking directly into my eyes

"No i haven't" i say, confused "I'm still only 4'11"

"That's not what i meant" he says giggling "I just mean you look older"

Oh. "Is that a good thing?" I ask shyly

"Yeah" He smiles down at me

"What are you two talking about?" Adriana's groggily asks

"Oh just how much you sleep" i say quickly.

And with that the flight attendant comes on. "If everyone could remain seated and buckle up, that would be wonderful. We'll be landing very shortly" 

Well, here we go.


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