Danté and Lucifer's Kiss - Real Vampires

In light of my "Vampire-Based Mumble", I have decided to write a Movella about Real Vampires and the vampire community.
We are aware people may not believe this, or may dismiss it, but please read.
Real Vampires are just as human as you.


9. Real Vampires Part 7 - My Story/Awakening (By Danté)

I will do my best to keep this brief, but here goes.

My Story/Awakening

For me, it started in Year 10, not long after I first got together with LK.

There were subtle signs: dizziness, unusual hunger, increasing photosensitivity, and that kind of thing, but it didn't really strike me as odd.

But then, there was a weekend when I was looking after my sister's dog, who had raw meat on his food. That meant there was blood in the packaging.

It's been my job since I got my own dog to feed the pets, so I had to unwrap this meat, cut it up, and clean away the "waste".

It was when I was doing this that the signs showed. An odd, increased heart rate, and an uncomfortable thirst-hunger combination.

I never consumed the blood - vampires get ill just like all people, just with better resistance - but I wanted to.

As I got worse, with my "symptoms" getting worse, and doctor's having no explanation and claiming I was blowing puberty out of proportion, I found I was super, super weak.

LK, having "researched" Real Vampires since a young-ish age, saw what was happening, and recognised it. She arranged to sleep round my house so she could explain it to me.

She showed me a number of websites and videos about it, and we discussed things, and everything fitted together perfectly.

But I didn't et any blood for a long time.

My PE lessons became torture, as we were taught in the sunniest areas, and I started dropping behind slightly in classes.

Finally came a chance to sort things out. I had steak.

A nice, medium-rare steak with a bit of blood in it works remarkably well, and after having this (on our 1-year anniversary, I add, after "suffering" for at least ten months or so) I was instantly healthy.

"Feeding" for me isn't as frequent as I need it, unfortunately.

Now, I have tried explaining Real Vampires to my friends and family, but there are a lot of sceptics. I understand that people may not be ready to accept vampires exist.

But I am physical proof of it...

I'm terrible in crowds because I get so thirsty, and I think I have some Psi abilities, resulting in other, "odd" effects.

But that's my story.

I hope this has given you a good understanding of what a "new" vampire goes through...kind of.

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