Danté and Lucifer's Kiss - Real Vampires

In light of my "Vampire-Based Mumble", I have decided to write a Movella about Real Vampires and the vampire community.
We are aware people may not believe this, or may dismiss it, but please read.
Real Vampires are just as human as you.


8. Real Vampires Part 6 - Signs That Person Is A Vampire (By Danté)

Now for the second bit of "identification".

You know how to tell if you're a vampire. You can inspect yourself. But how can you tell if your best friend, or worst enemy, or your dog - okay, not the dog - is a vampire.

Simple. Observation.

How To Tell If "They" Are A Vampire.

1: Are they tired during the day? Does your friend/enemy/acquaintance look vacant during the day, with "bobbing" heads as they drift?

2: Do they act funny around blood? You could try cutting yourself near them...but I don't suggest it.

3: Sunglasses...are they obsessed with wearing sunglasses, yet insist they're not doing it to look cool? Well, they may be a Real Vampire.

4: Have you ever had a chance to look at their eyes? If you've seen the trait, there's a chance.

5: Do they outdo you at things you should be better at? It might be a sign.

6: Or...do you feel strangely tired around them? They may be Psi.

7: Are they really pale? Either they hate the sun for other reasons, or they may be a Real Vampire.

8: Do they sometimes get mysteriously ill? It's a possible sign.

Now, I recommend you NEVER go up to someone and ask if they're a Real Vampire unless you feel it's justifiable to do so. Instead, try approaching them ABOUT Real Vampires, and assessing their responses.

Do not judge them on whether or not they are aware (or willing to accept) the truth of what they are. It's their "choice".

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