Danté and Lucifer's Kiss - Real Vampires

In light of my "Vampire-Based Mumble", I have decided to write a Movella about Real Vampires and the vampire community.
We are aware people may not believe this, or may dismiss it, but please read.
Real Vampires are just as human as you.


7. Real Vampires Part 5 - Signs That You're A Vampire (By Danté)

At long last we have a new chapter, and going by the comments, people are trying to work out how to tell if they or someone they know is a vampire.

First: How To Tell If You Are A Vampire

Note: You don't need to show ALL of these, but just one isn't enough. I will mark the main ones with an asterisk (*).

1: An obvious one, I suppose. Do you have a strange pull towards blood? Do you get a strange (not sickly) feeling when you see it? And if you've ever drank blood, did you feel invigorated afterwards?
Or, in cases of Psi vampires, do you feel better after being in crowds, with other people seeming suddenly tired? *

2: Pale skin. It's a natural thing, as your blood doesn't go to the surface as much, resulting in paler skin. Even applies for darker races - is your skin pale for your race? *

3: Hidden strength. As being a Real Vampire gives you a special adrenaline rush, you are faster and stronger than a "normal" person in your physical state would be. Also, are you smarter than people say you should be? *

4: Do you have strange sleep patterns? Tired in daylight, wide awake at night? Whilst this could be discredited as a "teenage thing", as a Real Vampire, your sleep patterns go haywire. Get as much sleep as possible during the day - frequent naps are good. *

5: Do you heal quickly and get ill less? If so, there's a sign. Especially if you heal real quick after consuming blood. *

6: Do you look oddly young? This doesn't affect all Real Vampires, and it's rather random.

7: Keen senses...yes, that's right. Are your five senses keener than those of your friends? For example, can you taste individual ingredients in food, or hear quieter/higher pitch sounds? *

8: Better vision in the dark/photosensitivity? If so, you may be able to read books in darkness whilst your friends can't. Of course, the sun hurts your eyes more. *

9: Faster reflexes than average? Yep, that's the adrenaline again. Not superhuman, mind you, but heightened. *

10: Light sensitivity...not just in the eyes, but on the skin. Does it feel like the sun burns you, or do you burn real easy? Also, does the sun give you horrible headaches? *

11: Do you feel weaker or sicker if you don't have blood? You'll notice you feel gradually worse during your Awakening, and until you "feed", you'll be in a bad way. *

12: Do you have a strange colour to your eyes? Really dark at the edges, getting lighter as you move to the middle? Now, not all Real Vampires have this, and not everyone who has this is a Real Vampire. But it's a "special" trait.

My eye - poor quality, sorry. Dark edges, and sudden colour change. Note, my eyes are naturally blue, but go grey at the middle.

If you have, say, three or four of these, you may well be a Real Vampire. Lucky you.

But also, sorry.

It's not as easy and cool as it sounds...

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