Danté and Lucifer's Kiss - Real Vampires

In light of my "Vampire-Based Mumble", I have decided to write a Movella about Real Vampires and the vampire community.
We are aware people may not believe this, or may dismiss it, but please read.
Real Vampires are just as human as you.


5. Real Vampires Part 3 - Sanguinary Feeding (By Lucifer's Kiss)

In this chapter I will start by separating each feeding method from Psi and Sang.

Sang Vampires and their feeding method :

When you think of vampire what do you think? Something all the lines of fangs in a neck? Ripping throats out? Well sorry to say that is all Hollywood and TV glamour. In real life the methods of feeding are a little different.

Sang vampires need to drink blood. This can be from a cook steak - no pun intended - or from a willing donor. From this blood they get the energy that they need. But there are very strict rules when getting blood from a donor.

1) The donor must always be willing and know what is happening.

2) Make sure the air of skin is cleaned with sterilising wipes.

3) Always use clean instruments -

When I say instruments I don't mean a violin or a trombone. I mean instruments that are sharp enough to cut. For example a scalpel. These should be clean and new, so the threat of infection is nil.

4) After the feeding is done the donor has the responsibility to make sure the cuts heal and don't get infected.

5) Never use someone that has a life threatening illness. For everyone's health and safety.

Feeding should not happen everyday. Instead a couple of weeks at the most.

*Real Sang Vampires can handle drinking blood more easily than humans.*

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