Danté and Lucifer's Kiss - Real Vampires

In light of my "Vampire-Based Mumble", I have decided to write a Movella about Real Vampires and the vampire community.
We are aware people may not believe this, or may dismiss it, but please read.
Real Vampires are just as human as you.


4. Real Vampires Part 2 - The Awakening (By Danté)

The Awakening is part of life for any vampire.

It can be a very confusing time for a person, and as it (usually) occurs during puberty, the waking vampire may be stressed out by it. But it has been know to happen in later life, around the ages of twenty to thirty.

The Awakening is, technically, the point where the person becomes a Real Vampire. Whilst it is true that the person is a Real Vampire since birth, it is not until the Awakening that the virus comes into effect. It is a very difficult time, as the vampire is not only dealing with the changes of puberty, but also the changes caused by the virus coming to effect.

These changes include photosensitivity, changing sleep patterns and finding that hunger and thirst are more difficult to satiate. Through research we - LK and I - have found that a number of Real Vampires grow up with knowing something is 'off' about them. Looking at the childhood of a Real Vampire there are sometimes areas that may be foreshadowing their life in the future.

There are two ways to “steady” the Awakening. One way is to wait it out. When the period of Awakening ends, the “symptoms” reduce. Not by a large amount, but to a normal level for a Real Vampire.

The other way is to feed. A Real Vampire needs to feed throughout his or her life, and at the Awakening stage the body is virtually crying out for a first feed. Once this need is satiated, the Awakening is less stressful.

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