My Messed Up Fairytale

Amelia was a good girl, all A's, never in trouble, known for the good things she had done. She went wild for one night and met Danger. Will she fall in love with the bad boy or will she chose the goody good life?
~Justin Bieber Love Story~


4. Saved

Amelia's Pov I heard something move. I slowly woke up and clapped to turn on my lights. Justin was standing there with a bloody shirt. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed my mom nursing kit she let me use because I want to be a nurse after high school. I took his shirt off and told him to sit down. I grabbed the cleaning wipes. "Ouch shit that fucking hurts be fucking careful" "Sorry" I muttered. I dabbed gently and began to stich the wound."Godammit I said be careful!" "Aye who did you come to?" He shut up and looked away. I grabbed his hand and led him towards the bathroom and told him to shit on the toilet. I put the kit up and wrapped his stomach. "Granny panty wearing virgin got skills" He laughed. "I dont just wear those" "Let me see""No" "Please" He got up and grabbed my hips. He leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back wrapping my arms around his neck. He lick my lip asking for enterance. I opened and he explored my mouth as I did the same. I pulled back."Well I was wrong you wear thongs" "Told you asswipe" He chuckled. I pulled him onto my bed."Goodnight beautiful" was the last thing I heard before I fell asleep. ***** I woke up to an empty bed and a loud noise. It was my mom banging on my door."Im coming!" I opened the door."Baby I need you to take May to school with you""Why?" "I have kemo" I nodded. My foster mom as brain cancer. All my teacher knew so as long as May was quiet I could bring her. I took May from her hands and gave her a kiss."Bye Mom" "Bye Babies" I got May dress and myself to. I got in the car my mom bought me it was a cute blue bug. I buckled her up and gave her my phone to play with. She giggled everytime the bird on angry bird hit the sticks. I pulled up and got her diaper bag out. I put on her bear holder and buckled it around her tiny chest. I grabbed my phone and took a picture of her giggling. I unlocked it and handed it to her. I grabbed the leash and started walking. I hooked it to my backpack. I picked her up and headed to breakfast. Kyra ran up and was playing with May while I got my food. Soon we had a crowd of people surroding her. They all left after I sat down and fed her. She was playing with my hair as I ate. K:How is your mom A:Okay she is uhh doing kemo I said with a frown. She hugged me to keep me from crying. They bell rang and Kyra picked May up and we headed to 1st period. I sat at the back with May and Kyra. Justin walked in moments later with a late slip for the first time. I laughed just thinking about it. He winked at me and sat in front of me. I was doing the worksheet when I notice May was gone. A:Yo where is May K:Right- We looked back and forth. Than I notice a brown hair baby on Justin's lap. He was helping her play a game on his phone. I smiled at the thought. I took out my phone and snapped a shot. K:He is holding her she isnt crying A:Told you not to judge a book by its cover She laughed and palyfully punched my arm. We finished our work and was allowed to talk quietly. I got up and sat next to Justin. A: Hey sunshine was he nice She giggled as Justin whispered something in her ear. Justin laughed and told her he was Justin Bieber. Kyra started talking to Justin and she said hes cool but she is still on the look out. ****** Justin's Pov May is super cute and so is her sister. I think its cute the way she acts around her. I grabbed ahold of Amelia's hand and watched a smile appear on her face. She was hold May in the other while talking to Kyra. I think she doesnt like me but I dont give a fuck. I have something speacil planned for tonight. I was thinking about Amelia becoming my girlfriend. It was risky and I still have a hard time after the bitch Jenny fucked over my heart and after my sister died. Wish Me Luck! Amelia's Pov I could tell Justin was thinking so I left him alone. I sat at the bench were we normaly sit. Our friends came over. Some were scared but they sat down. They started to talk with Justin and got kinda cortamble. I was talking to Ashley when she pointed towards Justin. He was tickling May. He looked happy and his eyes wernt black but a light hazel. I took out my phone and taped them. J: She is so cute I could just eat her up I giggled along with the girls. Why was he so distant. It's like he has wall after wall around his heart. And you almost never see his real eye color. What had life done to him. I was gonna make him feel again even if it kills me.
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