My Messed Up Fairytale

Amelia was a good girl, all A's, never in trouble, known for the good things she had done. She went wild for one night and met Danger. Will she fall in love with the bad boy or will she chose the goody good life?
~Justin Bieber Love Story~


7. Help!

Justin's Pov It hurt me to walk out but I had to. I threw my keys in the bowl and sat down on the couch. She texted me over and over but I didnt reply. Why cant she just forget me like ever one else does. B: Hey we have a meeting where the fuck were you? J: Out man B: well get ready I nodded and grabbed my guns. I grabbed the keys and started up the engine. The guys piled in. I drove at lighting speed to the loaction. B: Remember dont shoot unless shot at J: Yeah yeah lets just fucking go He shot me a glare but I brushed it off. I pushed the heavy doors open. There stood Luke looking as worthless as ever. L: Welcome boys J: Hurry this shit up I have shit to motherfucking do L: Mm like what break a girls heart J: I dont have time for your fucking mind games! He turned on a tv. Amelia was tied to a chair. I clenched my fist up ready to punch him. L: Do you know this lovely lady? J: Shes not in this shit L: Oh yes she is shes with you and your with me so yes she is J: Look just let her go before I put a fucking bullet in the over sized brain of yours L: So she is yours? I pulled out my gun and shot his foot. I walked up and step on it. He yelled out in pain. J: Where is she? L: In the crack of my ass I shot is other foot. J: Now where is she? L: In the crack- I shot his arm off. He yelped in pain. J: Tell me you piece of shit! L: 368 West Moe St. Warehouse 1 J: Great any last words? L: Suck my dick! I blew his head off. I took the money he owed. J: Lets go and take care of that piece of shit and do it right this time! They nodded. I got in the car and drove to the address he gave me. I arrived and pulled my gun out. I bust the door open and blew 2 guys heads clean off. I heard a girl scream. I ran up the staris and kicked the door open. Amelia's Pov I woke up tied down to a chair. My arm was on fire from rope burns. I had nothing on except my bra and underwear. I tried screaming for help but they had a gag ball in my mouth. I saw a table filled with knives. The door opened and two dudes walked in."Well look at those tittes""You didnt lie Chris""Told you now lets play" He said with a evil smirk. He grabbed the small knife. I kicked and squrimed in my seat. The chair tipped over. The tall one grabbed the chair and put it on all fours."Dont make this hard" He slapped me. He took the gag out."Fuck you, you vile piece of cock juggling shit" He kicked me in my nose, sending me flying backwards."Learn some respect bitch" I groaned spitting out blood. I heard shots from downstaris. I screamed trying to get help. The door bust opening to reveal.....
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