My Messed Up Fairytale

Amelia was a good girl, all A's, never in trouble, known for the good things she had done. She went wild for one night and met Danger. Will she fall in love with the bad boy or will she chose the goody good life?
~Justin Bieber Love Story~


2. Chararters

Chararters: Amelia Renee Thomas: 17, Kinky dark brown hair w/t hazel highlights,5'1, brown eyes Justin Drew Bieber:18,blonde hair,5'10,hazel eyes Krya Lee:18, Amelia's Bestfriend Ryan:Justin's Bestfriend 18 Paige:17, Amelia's, and Justin's Bestfriend John: Paige's Boyfriend, 18 Bruce: Justin's friend/ bussiness partner Marcus:Justin's friend, bussiness mate Kayla: Justin's Bussiness mate Ryan: Justin's Bestfriend/ bussiness mate Marco: Justin's friend/Bussiness mate Kendra: Bruce's girlfriend Julia:Ryan's girlfriend Riley: Renee's Girlfriend/ Amelia's Bff Jen: Marco's Girlfriend Jenny: Justin's Ex, widow, mother of two, 17
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