Someone Like You (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Rose and Harry used to be together. They were the couple who was inseparable... that is until they decided to go their separate ways.

"We'll find each other one day, and when we do, we'll go back to the way things were."

That was the promise Harry had made Rose before going on a world tour. That was five long years ago when they were both 18 years old. They're both 23 years old now and have gone on living their lives in their own ways.

Rose is still waiting for the day Harry will waltz back into her life, but she knows it won't happen, she's holding onto false hope. She works at a lousy job where she is forced to copy papers for a living and make coffee runs for the employees. She goes home after work to her cat, Crookshanks, and is by herself for 12 hours before repeating her day once more.

Harry, however, has long forgotten the promise he gave Rose. Harry has been married for a year to his wife, Mallory. Harry hasn't forgotten about Rose though. The rose flower running up his rig


16. Chapter 15

                The following morning, Rose was awakened to the light beaming through her bedroom window and hitting her eyelids. She opened her eyes and let out a soft sigh and looked around the room. She saw Eleanor sleeping on her side with Robbie tucked safely in her arms. The duvet was drawn over her body and she snored softly. Rose sat up and noticed Eliza was nowhere in her bedroom. She crawled out of the bed and down the hallway into the sitting room.

                Rose had a long night since Eleanor had woken up countless times with Robbie throughout the night. Rose felt exhausted and wanted nothing more than crawl back into bed and fall back asleep, but she knew it was impossible since it was the morning and she had people over. She felt obligated to make them food and such since they had stayed the night.

                Rose saw Eliza sat on the floor with her legs tucked underneath her small body and she had an assortment of dolls placed in front of her in a straight line. She was murmuring to herself and kept brushing her jet black hair out of her eyes. She would tilt her head off to the side and look around and grab a doll or two from the line of dolls she had on the floor.

                “Good Morning, Eliza,” Rose greeted with a soft smile. She took a seat on the floor across from Eliza.

                “Morning Miss Rose,” she said not looking up at Rose. Rose watched Eliza as she picked up the dolls of her parents. “This mummy and this Daddy. Daddy has hair,” she said with a  giggle on her lips. Rose smiled at the young girl and nodded.

                “Yes, your Daddy does have hair. So does Harry,” Rose noted picking up Harry’s doll and smiled at the young girl. Eliza’s eyes widened and her eyes scanned over the dolls on the ground. She looked at the ground with a frown on her face. “What’s wrong?” Rose asked seeing the frown on her face.

                “I don’t have you.”

                “I don’t have a doll, love,” she said with a laugh. “You’ll have to pretend I’m someone. Which one looks the most like me?” Rose asked and Eliza scanned over the dolls and picked one up.

                “This one! This be you,” she said with a smile on her face. “You and Harry be married.”

                “If you want,” Rose said with a smile on her lips. “Do you want me to fix your hair? It looks like it’s bothering you.”

                “Yes!” she cheered and Rose smiled at the young girl.  Rose took a hair tie and pulled Eliza’s long hair into a pony tail and put the band around it. Eliza looked at Rose with her bright blue eyes and smiled wide. She wrapped her arms around her torso and gave her a thank you.       

 “Did you want something for breakfast? I can make you something,” Rose suggested looking at the sweet girl.

                “Oatomeal!” Eliza exclaimed adding an extra “o” to the word. Rose let out a laugh and nodded watching her. Rose stood up from her spot on the floor and turned to walk towards the kitchen. “Miss Rose!” Eliza called and Rose turned around to face her, “You play with me after oatomeal?”

                “Of course, love,” Rose smiled and walked back into the kitchen where it was a complete mess.

                Rose filled the tea pot with water and placed it on the stove turning the faucet on.  She then walked over to the cupboard and pulled out a bowl and looked for the oatmeal packets. She saw there was only one flavor left so she took one of them and ripped the package open and dumped the contents into the bowl. She walked over to the fridge and grabbed the milk. She poured some of it over the dried oatmeal. After taking out a silver spoon, she stirred the contents and then placed the bowl in the microwave and waited.

                “Miss Rose, is my oatomeal almost ready?” Eliza asked running into the kitchen making a loud stomping noise on the floor. Rose turned around and looked at the impatient girl.

                “Almost, love. Did you want some toast with it?” she asked and Eliza nodded with a bright smile on her face. Rose got a piece of bread and popped it into the white toaster. “You can sit down at the table and wait. It’s almost ready.”

                “Okay,” she said and climbed onto the chair and waited for Rose to bring her something. While she was waiting, Rose poured some milk in a small cup and placed a straw in the cup.

                “It done!” Eliza said excitedly as the microwave beeped. She climbed off the chair and ran off towards the microwave and popped open the door and reached in.

                “Don’t touch that, please. It is hot,” Rose warned walking over to the microwave. She pulled the warm bowl from the microwave. Eliza shut the microwave and shuffled over to the chair and waited for her food. Rose placed the oatmeal down and got her toast and buttered it.

                “Who there?” Eliza said and Rose looked at her curiously, “There a knock, knock.”

                “I’ll get the door, be right back,” she said and walked off to the door. Rose began assuming it was Harry since he hasn’t been here in a few days. When she reached the door and opened it, her assumptions were confirmed when she saw Harry standing there in a white dress shirt and a tie. In her opinion, he looked very attractive.

                “Hey, may I come in?” he asked and Rose nodded. He looked over her and noticed that she must have woken up not that long ago considering her attire was a but messy. “Just wake up?” he asked and she nodded.

                “Yeah I—“

                “Miss Rose! It too hot!” Eliza called cutting Rose off midsentence. Rose held her finger up to Harry and turned to help Eliza. She picked up her bowl and stirred it blowing on it.

                “Why is she here?” Harry asked seeing Eliza sitting at Rose’s table.

                “I sleep here!” she said with a large smile on her face. “I play with dollies and have lots of fun!”

                “Here you are,” Rose said placing the bowl in front of Eliza and facing Harry. “I’m helping out. Eleanor said Zayn was in surgery.”

                “He hasn’t woken up yet from the surgery, but it went well. I thought she was with Eleanor? That’s what Perrie said,” Harry said taking a seat across from Eliza.

                “She is, Eleanor’s sleeping in my bed with Robbie. We all slept there last night,” Rose said fixing a few bottles of formula for Robbie. “She came here last night and she was a mess, she was so stressed. Louis was with Perrie for moral support and he left her alone with a toddler and an infant. I don’t think she was ready for that.”

                “I color today?” Eliza piped interrupting the conversation. Rose looked at her and nodded. “Now?”

                “When you finish your oatmeal and toast.”

                “Kay,” she said and continued eating.

                “Listen, I—“

                “Hold that thought,” Rose said hearing Robbie whimpering from inside her bedroom. She walked into her bedroom and saw Eleanor shifting and trying to shush the whimpering baby by talking to him. “Here, I’ll take him El; you can go ahead and sleep.”

                “Thanks,” she mumbled as Rose lifted Robbie off the bed carefully. Eleanor turned over and buried her face into the pillows. Rose walked into the kitchen and grabbed one of the bottles she just made and put it in the microwave.

                “So I need to talk to you,” Harry said and Rose looked at him whilst bouncing Robbie gently in her arms as she waited for his bottle.

                “Is now the time, Haz? I’m a bit busy,” she said giving him a look. “I’m sorry, I’m tired and I was up early.”

                “It’s alright, I just need to talk to you,” he said softly watching her with Robbie.

                “Eliza, you can go color. The colors are under the telly with a bunch of coloring books,” she said and Eliza grinned and scampered off into the living room. Rose took the bottle from the microwave and tested it on her skin. She popped the bottle into his mouth and he began sucking away.

                Rose made her way to the table and sat down next to Harry. Harry’s eyes were watching her in fascination as he observed how she was with Robbie. It made him want to be her husband even more than he already did. He knew he wanted children, as noted before, but with Mallory there, he knew he would be busy trying to avoid children at the moment.

                “What is it that you wanted to talk about?” she asked Harry breaking his thoughts.

                “It’s about Mal,” he said and she nodded keeping her mouth shut and refraining from the sigh. “She’s starting to notice my absence.”

                “You are here an awful lot, Harry,” Rose said looking down at Robbie. “Why?”

                “I think we need to take things easy for a while,” he said placing his hands on the table and folding them together. “Just a little while and then I’ll be back.”

                Harry saw Rose’s face drop and she looked at the baby and it didn’t seem like she was going to look up any time soon. He reached over and rested his hand on top of one of hers. Rose looked at his large hand resting on top of hers.

                “Why did we bother doing this again, then? You knew this wouldn’t end well,” she murmured and he let out a sigh and looked at her.

                “Is me loving you not enough, Rose. You will always be my beautiful flower and you know that,” he said with his lips parted gently. He got up and leaned over to her and pressed his lips to her forehead holding the back of her head. He had his eyes closed as if he never wanted to leave.

                “I know you love me,” she said softly and let out a sigh. “I just want you to myself. I guess I’m being selfish.”

                “You’re not,” he said pressing his hand to her cheek. “You’re anything but selfish, you are the most unselfish person I have ever met. I love you, Rose, always have, and always will.”

                “I love you, too,” Rose murmured leaning up and pressing her lips to Harry’s in a sweet kiss. She savored the taste of the kiss as she always did not knowing when the next one would come. They pulled away from the kiss and Rose looked down and saw that Robbie was staring at her and Harry. She let out a laugh and walked over to his bouncer and placed him in it and walked back over to Harry.

                “I wish I could hold you in my arms forever and never let you go,” he said looking into Rose’s brown eyes. She reached up and pressed the palm of her hand to his cheek staring into his green eyes.

                “We could be together one day if you got your divorce,” Rose noted looking at him. Harry let out a heavy sigh once again.

                He knew that his marriage was beginning to bother Rose because he wasn’t doing anything about it. Harry wanted to do something about it, but found it near impossible to do anything because he didn’t want to break Mallory’s heart. He didn’t want to break Rose’s heart either by telling her.

                “Rose,” Harry starts, but Rose holds up her hand to stop Harry from continuing.

                “This was all your idea, Harry. Not mine. I wasn’t going to give in, but you fucking made me cave because I always will love you! You think I’m okay with being the person you’re cheating with? Hell no, I want you and you alone! For fucks sake, grow some balls and tell her!”

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