One Direction Imagines

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11. for Zlooveangel

"Come on Amira wake up." My older brother shook me. I groaned. "Wake up." I groaned again. "Ok if you won't get up, I'll pour cold water on your face." When he said he would pour cold water on me, he doesn't lie. He's done it to me multiple times. Today was my first day at a English school. I lived with my 26 year old brother Marcus. Our parents died a few years back due to a car wreck. Marcus got a job in Bradford so I will be attending Bradford High. I crawled out of bed. My feet gave out on me and I fell fast first to the floor. I groaned in pain and pulled myself together. I went to my bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. I dried my face off when Marcus was behind me sticking ice on my face. "Uh Marcus." I laughed. He laughed also. "I'm sorry." He held out his arms. I went to hug him and I stuck ice down his shirt. He pulled on his shirt to get the ice out and he had no luck. I pushed him out of my bathroom. I stuck my hair under the sink. I rinsed my hair off and dried it quickly. When my hair is wet, my hair is dark brown. I put some light holy jeans and a Pittsburgh Pirates shirt. I brushed my teeth and put on my black converses. I grabbed my book bag and went to catch the bus.

"Have fun at school, try to make friends." I waved at Marcus and stepped on the bus. "Hello love, welcome to bus 547." The bus driver had gray hair and bright green eyes. "Thanks." And I walked to an empty seat. People were looking at me and giving me dirty looks. Great I haven't been on the bus for a minute and people are already giving me dirty looks. There was a group of guys in the back of the bus laughing and being stuiped. I put my headphones in and started to listen to Olly Murs. I was looking out the windows when I felt something hit me. The object landed on my lap. Eraser. I ignored it. More pieces of eraser hit me. I got agitated enough and turned around. "Hey would you stop?" "Oh look at the new girl, what are you gonna do? Cry to your daddy?" I started to cry. "He's dead." I choked out. "So just your mouths douches." I turned around and felt the hot stares of everyone looking at me. I couldn't stop crying. I went to my dad for any problem. When the bus got to the school, I got off and started to walk home and tell Marcus we are going back to America. I was stared by people walking to school. As I broke the crowd I felt a hand grab mine. I turned around. "What do you wan-?" It was one of the guys in the group. "Hey I'm sorry for my friends." I turned around and started to walk again. He walked in front of me. "Love don't cry." "No! Leave me alone." He wouldn't let me through. He wiped the tears from my face. I stared at him and he held his arms out. I threw myself in his arms and cried my heart out. "I miss him so much." He sat me down on a bench that was beside me. "Sh, It's ok. Let it out." We sat there for a while when I finally quit crying. "So what's your name?" "Amira, what's yours?" "Zayn. Are you by any chance wearing and foundation make up?" Was he hitting on me? "No why." "You are very pretty." I blushed. "Come on, we're late." I nodded and wiped the dry tears from my face.

Over the day me and Zayn have become friends. He is really nice and not like his friends. They did apologize though. They said they wouldn't mess with me. I became friends with all of them. If you got to know them, they are really nice. One of them smoked but quit cause I was a good influence on him. His words not mine. Me and Zayn soon started to date. He is probably one of the sweetest guys I've ever met. Marcus thinks he's a good guy but is like any other brother. When Zayn picked me up for our first date, he told him 'If you ever hurt my baby sister, you won't remember your name.' Marcus isn't the type of person to threat so that was the funniest thing he's ever said. Only if my parents could see me with him. But I think my dad sent him to show him that he makes sure his little girl is taken care of.


for Zloveagel, hope you liked it!! I know its a bit sad, but I was tired when I wrote this and I write sad things when I'm tired sorry :( but if you liked it thanks!! :)

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