One Direction Imagines

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17. for Sissy89952

I was sitting with Niall in the back seat of his moms car. Greg was asleep and we were almost to the arena. Niall was shaking like a thousand fire ants was eating at his skin. "You'll be fine Niall. You'll do great." I have known Niall for as long as I remember. It was four in the morning. The day Niall was auditioning for the x-factor. For the past week, Niall has barely slept and is practicing real hard. I hope he makes it.

"We're here!" Niall's dad cheered. Niall shook Greg until he woke up. We got what we needed and went in line. There were already a long line. Most of the people were asleep while some were whispering and on their phones. I knew we would be here for a while, so I made sure my phone was fully charged and I had my laptop fully charged with a few movies. Niall had the blankets and Greg had the chairs. We set up a little camp and went to sleep.

I was woken by Niall singing. His voice was like a angels. He could also control how much of his accent he put in his voice. Auditions started at 10 it was 9:45. The line had grown a lot. The line could be at least a mile long. Security opened the doors and people cheered. A huge chunk of people were stormed in the entrance. Then the doors closed. We were still pretty far from the door and maybe two or three groups could go in before we got in. Niall got his guitar out and started to play random things.

Another group was let in. Niall kept his eyes on the door and me. "Ah!" He jumped. I laughed. "You need anything to drink?" "Water will be fine." I grabbed a water from the cooler and got us water. "Thanks." I patted his back. "Anything for a upcoming star." His face got red and the doors opened again. We would be inside next! I was so excited. Over and over again Niall practiced when Greg set his hand on his shoulder. "If you practice one more time, you'll loose that voice." He poked his throat. "I'm just really nervous." "Niall you're going to do great." I laughed. The doors opened. "It's time." Niall jumped. We checked in and waited for Niall's turn.

The person before stepped on stage. We were in the giant waiting room. There were some good singers and not so good singers. "Niall Horan. You're next." A guy in with a headset told us. We walked to him and stood backstage. The girl got threw and she ran off stage screaming. "Niall Horan." His bright blue eyes met my brown eyes. "You're going to do great." I gave him a big hug. He returned the hug, got his microphone and walked on stage. "Hello." "Hi." "What's your name?" The woman asked. "Niall Horan." They did some small talk and he began to sing. He sounded amazing. Better than when he practiced. He looked back at me and gave me a wink. I blushed. Maura and Greg stood at my sides with their arms around my shoulders. When Niall finished the audience was cheering and standing. I was smiling like a crazy. Maura had tears of happiness falling from her face. It was time for voting.

Nicole gave a yes. He was mini celebrating. Louis gave a no. The crowd booed and Niall's expression went from excited to worried. It was Simon's turn. I know Simon was strict and I feared he was going to say no. "That was a amazing performance. Yes." Niall was jumping with some stray tears falling. All of us were cheering. I ran to Niall and he swung me around. He set me down and we looked into each other eyes. A few seconds that seemed like forever ended when I felt his soft lips on mine. We broke apart and kissed again. "For as long as I remember, I have liked you. Would you want to go on a date with me?" "Yes Niall. I would love to." He threw his arms in the air and shouted. He kissed me one more time before we went to his parents. After Greg and Niall broke apart he looked me in the eye. "Take care of this rockstar." Niall wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "Don't worry I will. He's gotta take care of me first." I laughed. I laid my head on his shoulder and he pecked it. 


for Sissy89952 hope you liked it!! :) :)

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