One Direction Imagines

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28. for Niallerswizkid22

"Mommy, mommy! What's this?" My little four year old ran up to me carried a scrapbook. I took it from her. "That's me and your daddy's wedding album. I've wondering where that was." Niall came in with our drinks. "Babe, look was Alex found." His eyes widened. "Hey! That's our wedding scrapbook." "Open it." She poked my knee. I took it from Niall and he took Alex and put her in his lap. I opened the cover and it was me and Niall together. The flashbacks came back.

(the wedding reception)

"You look beautiful princess." My dad took my arm. I had my bouquet of roses in my other hand. I was trying my hardest not to burst into tears. Louis and Elanour went first. Then Zayn and Perrie. Greg and Denise. Then came the flower girl, little Lux. Then the ring brearr. After they were all in their positions, everyone stood and the music began. "Here we go." He smiled and we walked. The large crowd smiled at me with the women crying. I saw Niall. My heart dropped. Niall was in his black suit with his golden tie. With a red rose pinned to his left breast. The guys wearing the same. His ocean blue eyes shining with a thin layer of gloss. You could tell he was trying his hardest not to cry. We got to the alter. I stepped up an the music stopped. "You look, amazing." "The girls are good huh?" He smiled. We turned to the preacher and he talked. "And to protect her as long as you live?" Niall turned to me. "I do." I was about to crack. "I do." My voice cracked. "You may now kiss the bride." Niall slammed his lips into mine and cupped his hands to my cheeks. I couldn't help it, I was crying. As many times as we've kissed, nothing compared to this kiss. It was to great for words. (end of flashback)


I flipped through the pages us both telling Alex about the fun times we had at the wedding. I flipped the pages with Niall's arm around me. I flipped through the pages when it was mine and Niall's first dance.

We walked out of the reception room and got pictures done. We entered the dining room and everyone cheered. We came down the stairs holding hands, giving a kiss before the first dance. We stepped on the dance floor my arms around his neck and his hands at my waist. "This wedding can't get more better." I whispered. "I can't imagine it without my princess." "Aren't I the queen and you're the king?" "Makes us sound old." He laughed his vibrating body against mine. "Well, would there be a new little princess or prince running around our kingdom?"  He chuckled again. "Maybe. Someday." The rest of the dance, we moved together in motion, Niall kissing the top of my head. Almost as wonderful as the kiss. (end of flashback)


"Do you love daddy this much?" Alex held her arms out as wide as they went. "I love him more than that." She  jumped up. "Bigger than this?" "Bigger!" "Daddy, mommy's a keeper." She jumped back on her lap. "She is baby. She is."


for Niallerswizkid22, hope you liked it!! sorry its a little short but im not good with love stuff, so this is the best i could do :P :P  still hope you liked it!!

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