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31. for Niallersgirl 62

"Niall, I'm nervous. What if they don't like me?" It was time for me to meet my boyfriend's family. We got to his house. "Dakota, they'll love you. There's nothing to worry about." He gave me a kiss on the cheek and opened the front door. "Mum, we're home!" He yelled with the door half open. The door was fully open and there stood Niall's mom Maura.

She smiled when she saw me. "Hi Dakota, I'm Maura. Niall's told me so much about you." "Niall has told me so much about you. Wonderful to finally meet you." She gave me a hug. "Come in, dinner will be ready in a few minutes." I nodded, smiled and Niall lead me to the living room, where his dad and brother were watching TV. "Dad, Greg, this is Dakota." His dad turned the TV on mute and they rose. "Nice to meet you Dakota." Niall's dad held out his hand. I shook it. "Hi Dakota, my little bro, has told me all the wonderful things about you. You're even prettier in person." I looked at Niall and blushed. "You told  him I'm pretty?" He nodded then hugged me from behind. "Well it's true." We all sat down. "Dakota, do you like wipeout?" Niall's dad asked me. "Yes! I love that show. Those red ball are my favorite." His sat up in his recliner. "Awesome! We are watching it while Maura cooks dinner." "I'm gonna see if your mom needs any help. Where's the kitchen?" Niall pointed to the only door. I got up and walked through the door. "Ms. Horan-" "Please call me Maura." I laughed. "Ok Maura, I was wondering if you need any help?" She smiled. "If you insist. Would you care to cut this onion?" She held up her knife. "Of course!" I pulled my hair up and washed my hands then started to cut the onion.

Maura came over to me and laughed when I cut the onion. "Dakota, I'm so glad you're in Niall's life. When you two started to date, I noticed he got more happier and he always seemed to be out in space. He said he was thinking of you." She looked over at the door then back to me. "Don't tell Niall I said this, but he thinks you're the one." "Wow, I'm glad to be in Niall's laugh. He is my first boyfriend and I've never been happier. I was really nervous about meeting you guys. But you are so nice." She half hugged me. "I wanted to make sure the girl that made my little boy happy was treated like family." We talked until dinner was ready. "Would you mind telling the boys?" I stuck my head through the door and saw the guys laughing. "Dinners ready." They perked up and walked to the dining room. I sat beside Niall with Greg on the other side of us and Niall's parents on both ends of the table. Diner was spaghetti and garlic bread. I took one bite of the bread and my mouth was exploded in flavor. "Maura, this bread is amazing!" "Thanks Dakota. Family recipe." The spaghetti was amazing also.

I learned more about Niall's family and they learned more about me. Turns out I was wrong about worrying. Niall's parents are sweet as can be and Greg is so funny. Like always, Niall was done eating first and he got thirds. I didn't each much. The food was surprisingly filling. It was nine and my mom wanted me home by ten. After dinner we watched the movie Grown Ups. When I noticed I had to go. "I have had a wonderful time with you, but I need to head home." Maura rose with me and Niall. "It was wonderful meeting you. Hope to see you again." She gave me a hug. "And thanks for the help." I said my good bye's to the family and Niall walked me home. We got to my front door. "I love your family." "And they love you. Just like I do." He gave me a kiss. I kissed back. "See you tomorrow." I hugged him. "Bye, love." He hugged back. My mom laid all kinds of questions that I answered and went to my room and went to bed.
for Niallersgirl 62, hope you liked it!! this was fun to write!! :) :) 

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